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Permanent link to archive for Wednesday, May 02, 2001. Wednesday, May 02, 2001

Dan Libby reports that the missing DTDs are back at Netscape. Whew!

Hey it's even better. Dan found the old Netscape RSS 0.91 spec, with his comments from 1999, explaining their philosophy for RSS. It's an exact match with UserLand's, then and now. This should put to rest the debate over what RSS is. He also credits UserLand, appropriately, for our contribution to RSS 0.91. What a great birthday present.

Ohhhh mama, I had a birthday hard disk crash. Yup I lost a lot of work. Not going to worry about it right now.

Postscript: As I put back together all my favorites and settings for the 18th time in the last three years, maybe now the value of HailStorm or something like it is sinking in. Suppose all that information was up in the cloud. So my hard disk crashes. Not a problem. Every time my computer boots it checks in with the cloud and gets all that junk.

Article in tomorrow's NY Times details Microsoft's next round in its competition with IBM over open source. "An IBM executive said that his company had considered the issues surrounding the protection of intellectual property and had decided that it was possible to follow both a proprietary and a shared business model, even one based on the GPL."

And Eric Raymond is all over it, as is SlashDot.

XML.Com: "You may not have any use for CDATA Marked Sections or Processing Instructions, but they are part of XML 1.0, so if you say you are conformant with XML 1.0, then you had better support them."

I got a beautiful birthday greeting from my good friend Sheila Simmons. She included a link to a great Pinky and the Brain riff, and some of our favorite Ole and Lena jokes. Thanks Sheila, you're very sweet and check out them eyebrows!

What is xmlBlaster?

Wired has an article on Radio UserLand and RSS, but it's got a few errors. They did spell the name of the product right, and the link works. That's good.

Sun quotes a report on shrinking Visual Basic use among developers. However, I read it with a circumspect eye, knowing that Sun is not always direct and honest. I'm checking with some objective sources on whether this is true or not.

David Singer has a review of Hong Kong hotels and pictures from the opening ceremonies of the WWW10 conference.

Ooops. Streaming Media stepped in it. Doc explains.

Hey I didn't realize the NY Times is called the Gray Lady. Learn something new every day.

Lance Knobel is getting in touch with his friend who's the president of Edelman PR, on behalf of Nublog. He's going to tell him how weblogs can spread good news as well as bad.

Lyrics for the light hours. "They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother.."

Early morning celebration Permanent link to 'Early morning celebration' in archives.

Good morning Scripting News fans!

Get ready for some weird stuff.

I'm 46 now, and rarin to kick butt!

Feisty and happy, that's what I am.

I got my first birthday card from my dear friend Tori The Lion. It's so appropriate. Thanks Tori. Sweet.

Marc Canter is not quite as mature as I am, but he's kickin butt too. Rasta!

I'm getting a huge number of great birthday cards. Thanks so much. It's nice to be so appreciated.

Here's one that was send a year ago. Neat!

A friend sent me a pointer to a month-long celebration of self-love. Keep an open mind!

Speaking of love, Surprise says that "Work is love made visible." Right on!

I was born the day after my grandfather's birthday in 1955. He was born in 1898. Paul's beautful doglet Maggie was born on May 1, five years ago, on the same day as my grandpa. I don't think he would have appreciated it, but I do. I kindof believe in reincarnation, so there's something really silly about Maggie and my grandpa having the same birthday. Next time I see Maggie I'm going to ask her about the plutocracy and see if her ears perk up.

I have a song picked out, it came from my Father's Day exploration last year, when Napster was opening new doors for growth for me. It all comes back in an instant. I wrote an essay on Father's Day last year, but I'm not ready to publish it. My birthday and Father's Day are linked in the past. I know some people would understand my Father and Son story, and by sharing it, it could help some other people, probably mostly men, to figure out how to make peace with their parents, or their childhood. In the meantime, if you can find a copy of Father and Son, set it on repeat. Let it sink in. We're different, but we're the same. Life is confusing, but it can be very simple. Neither of them got that, they struggle to accept each other. Maybe 20 or 30 years later, they do.

My father, by the way, is alive and kickin butt too. He's 72, born in 1929.


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