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All hits all the time!

I started a mail list for the dinner in Amsterdam on May 26.

Hey we got a nice link from the friendly folk at MacMinute.

Jason Kottke wants people to point to this page. If you click on the link you'll see a fairly ordinary picture of a Los Angeles freeway. He wants to make it the number one picture on Yahoo. Why not.

Things are winding down, I've been doing a programming push for the last month or so on Smurf Turf. It's time to let it rest for a couple of weeks. Europe is calling. Dave is ready to hit the road. How does the song go?

Willie Nelson: On the Road Again. "The life I love is making music with my friends." Right on right on.

Speaking of music with my friends, last month XML Magazine editors Steve Gillmor and Sean Gallagher interviewed some of the people involved in the SOAP 1.1 interop, including Jake and myself. It's a good roundtable. I didn't want to talk so much, but well, hmmm, you know. OK.

I always get asked by reporters "Has Microsoft Changed?" and I always say "wrong question." The world is changing faster, and the bigger challenge is to understand that change. No 45,000-person organization changes very quickly or without pain. They ask what's it like to work with Microsoft? To that, please read the interview linked above.

You'll see the tension and differences between us and Microsoft. Why did a platform vendor as large and powerful as Microsoft send a representative to such a roundtable? Is this a change? I don't actually think it is. They've always been pretty open about what they're doing. People just don't believe what they hear.

How does "innovation" happen? You can see that in the roundtable too. Andrew Layman highlights our difference in philosophy. I'm a bootstrapper. I think that's how innovation happens, no matter how some people think it does. Remember the old story -- don't buy anything from MS until version 3.0 -- kind of proves the bootstrap philsophy. No doubt the dev teams at MS working on 1.0s think they're going to hit the target.

And get this, it works that way outside MS too, and I bet in every other artform. Did the first guy to do an impressionist painting hit the mark? Who was it? How about rock and roll? The Beatles and The Stones were the biggies, but were they first? No way.

Now I'm working on my seventh or eighth weblogging system. This time I hope to hit the sweet spot. That's how innovation happens folks. (Now if I want it to sell I'd better get a cute 20-something guy with sideburns to rep it for me. )

So if it takes three tries to get it right, why was Lotus 1.0 such a big hit? Because it was really VisiCalc 3.0. Same with Excel. Innovation crosses company boundaries. This is as it should be. But let's give the credit for innovation where it's due. Each step in the bootstrap process is necessary.

Paul Kulchenko: SOAP Cookbook.

Community: Python 2.0 Quick Reference.

Matt Haughey: "The 280 freeway in the Bay Area is easily the most scenic and beautiful express highway I've ever driven on."

Lance Knobel: "What puzzles me, however, is how many normally sober news sources have mindlessly adopted Bush's use of the word crisis to describe something that, to my mind, isn't remotely a crisis."

Comment: I wouldn't know this since I don't watch TV. To me it means nothing if the TV networks go along with Bush in calling the energy situation in the US, whatever it is, a crisis. It's been almost six months since I've watched. TV is all lies all the time. You know it, I know it, the CNN reporters know it. Lies. It hurts the soul to be part of a lie. A few months ago I probably wouldn't have felt this way because in some way TV felt real to me. When it started feeling like all of reality that freaked me out and I turned it off.

News.Com: "With sales falling well short of even its worst forecasts and its cash dwindling, Palm faces a number of tough decisions in the coming months."


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