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Good morning dancing fools!

Some Metalfilters have discovered the problems of search engine crawlers and overloaded dynamic servers (like ours).

NY Times: "When, an online storage locker, bolted its virtual doors, it also deleted an untold number of files stashed there free by its registered users, which the company says numbered 7.5 million as of last week."

News.Com: Dot-coms near vanishing point. "Investment company Frank Russell on Friday will release preliminary changes to its widely followed stock indexes for this year, and many dot-coms and related companies will be banished from the rankings."

Register: Java toaster prints weather forecast. "It's seamless and doesn't take any longer than a regular, or dare we say 'legacy' toaster."

Transform Magazine: 'Free' Content Management. "Erik Josowitz, vice president of corporate strategy for Vignette, Austin, TX, grants that free or low-cost software might be fine for departmental use and simple sites. However, he warns, 'they have no support model, no upgrade model and no long-term roadmap. When a CIO looks for a content management system, they look for long-term technical support and scalability across an enterprise.'"

This afternoon I finished Sirens of Titan. I had been savoring the last few chapters, reading them very slowly while I was coming back up to speed on programming. I knew the ending because I had read the book when I was a teen. But back then I didn't have as fine an appreciation for the craft of writing. Vonnegut surprises us gently, even tenderly, it's so beautifully crafted. The next book on my tour is Player Piano.

Bear Stearns on Internet 3.0. Chris missed the key idea, writing tools that network. You can try to visualize a skyscraper by starting in the basement, or on the 86th floor observation deck. At the top level it's about giving people tools that network easily. That's the holy grail.

2/19/01: Internet 3.0. "In Version 2.0 your performance monitor got flatter and flatter as CPU performance traveled up Moore's curve, but the architecture failed to take advantage of it. In Version 3.0 your CPU will do more work and your local hard disk will contain (at least) backup copies of the information stored on centralized servers. There will be more opportunities to write scripts that customize your desktop, and include your own creations in the user interface. You won't have to be an eyeball (sometimes it's relaxing), your brain will be more active in Internet 3.0."

John Robb: "Most WS analysts spend the vast majority of their time in sales and *not* doing analysis. Additionally, a WS analyst is paid a bonus based his/her success in the sales effort. Needless to say, the bonus is where the juice is."

Hey check this out. They have a webcam at the top of the Empire State Building. Wow. I found the Flatiron Building, at 23rd where Broadway crosses Fifth.

Kevin Werbach: "Check it out -- the slightly offset window on the top floor of the building in the middle of this image (the one with the single column of windows up the left side) is... my office!"

Now here's something unexpected out of the blue. SOAP-WRC now has an OPML feed. Wow. That's could be useful.

Inge Johannessen is biking from Holland to France and documenting it on a Manila site.

Neat picture: "Will design, develop and implement scalable Java components for food."

Jamie Zawinski: "Not only did Netscape lose their struggle with Microsoft, but now they've become what they fought against."

SF Chronicle: "The journalists at the print paper see the value in using the Web site to put their stories out first, so they can get credit for big scoops when they get them."

OOiPtech developed "the patent pending technology that enables data syndication and aggregation in a very easy way. OOiPtech makes the sharing of data an option for all!"

Thoughts for musicians to consider. Does linking in music mean anything? The rush last year with Napster raised that question, but things were moving too fast back then to figure how to phrase it. Imho, music belongs on the Web, so, like writing, it can integrate with other music. Just like writers and software developers, musicians share themes with each other. I heard an interview with Elvis Costello where he talked about musicians that influence him. He's the right guy to talk about it since he's such a great synthesizer of different practices. Now what if technology could support that, where each song would link back to those that it refers to? Before writing got networked, it was pretty awkward to do this. But look at the number of off-site links on this page for a clue of how networking has changed writing. It can and will do the same for music.

BTW, "Elvis Costello" is a stage name.

On this day last year Matt Neuburg published the full text of the Frontier book he wrote for O'Reilly. If you're just learning Frontier now, please bookmark this. There's so much good stuff here, and the book is out of print.

Congratulations to ZopeNewbies on becoming a Zope site.

Thanks to Sally Khudari for another great folk dancing tune to kvetch to! Need a dancing tutorial? "What better way to have fun than to laugh at the funky body you have?"


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