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Steve Wozniak: "I use iCab. It's a little incomplete but works fine for me. I like the fact that iCab respects HTML standards and instantly analyses and points out the HTML errors in web pages. I check all the options to observe the standards rather than violate them as do IE and Netscape, so some pages don't look the same. If MS had observed the HTML standards then we'd have quality web pages that look the same everywhere, and webmasters would be a bit more precise and professional."

Late last night I ran a DaveNet piece. Be sure to read it if you're interested in integrity and web-writing. In several email exchanges this morning I realized that it's necessary to have integrity in software to make integrity in web-writing possible. Rules that technology vendors must follow in order for the medium to have integrity. So far the browser vendors have mostly been staying in-bounds. But Smart Tags is over a line. We could write down the principles so we could clearly evaluate any new technology, and provide a set of guidelines to the browser developers. We could probably do it in an afternoon, an interesting afternoon.

Forbes: When all else fails, sell sex.

Be the first to find the next "cancer quote" in this Infoworld interview with Microsoft's Steve Ballmer.

New mail list: Social Models for P2P Networks.

Microsoft's Shared Development Process provides "a mechanism for fast, focused and profitable collaboration on key technology initiatives between Microsoft and industry partners."

In May I visited Copenhagen with Evan Williams and Justin Hall and other Americans and evangelized the daylights out of weblogs. Now there are Danish weblogs. Yahoo! I want to build a list of them, so send pointers please.

RageBoy's IQ test. "To enter, your IQ must be over 18! If you're dumber than that, please leave now."

Brent: "Here's a dime, call someone who cares."

Derek Powazek is evaluating his referer log.

O'Reilly: "We asked the team at Apple to tell us about the Cocoa application environment and how this technology will benefit developers."

Yeah I do this kind of annotation too. It almost meets my criteria. It has a different URL, and that's good. And it's clear where I'm talking, but the annotator isn't identified. One of the prices of annotation, imho, is that you reveal who you are, so we have a chance to evaluate where the comments are coming from. Does this annotator work for Microsoft? That would make a difference. Maybe he works for Sun? So many of the would-be annotators want to be anonymous -- and that's chicken-shit. If your comments are worth reading you should be willing to say who you are.

An eQuill markup of today's Scripting News, but it doesn't work in Opera. I know these things now because it's my default browser. I'm becoming a hard-ass. I like it.

BTW, Lucas Gonze, owner of the Decentralization list asked yesterday, offlist, that the discussion on Smart Tags stop. But the discussion continues. Oy.

Grand Central provides a "Web Services Network that enables companies to connect, integrate and manage their business processes with those of their partners and customers."

I was briefed on Grand Central late last year under non-disclosure. It's Halsey Minor's new company (he's the founder of CNET). I wrote something about it, in telegraphy, I'll go dig it up now.

Internet 3.0: "How will money flow in version 3.0? First we need easy-to-program financial services available through SOAP and XML-RPC. A bank implemented in software. New companies will form, ones that leverage the communication tools to an advantage, to create products that are uniquely tuned to customers. Internet 2.0 brought us online car purchases, eBay, bill-paying, banking. Those were profound changes. Version 3.0 will refine this by giving us better tools for working with the new power." That's Grand Central.

Thilo Ernst: "It would be interesting to know how Schmidt with his passion for exact, encyclopedic knowledge and firework-like associations would have perceived the Internet age. If it weren't for the lack of a decent time machine, you might have very interesting conversations with your great uncle." Yes.

AP: "After President Bush and the US Supreme Court refused to delay his execution, a murderous Texas drug kingpin was put to death Tuesday. Juan Raul Garza, who died by lethal injection, became the second federal prisoner executed since 1963."

I asked Lance Knobel what Europeans are likely to think of Smart Tags. "I think it also falls foul of European -- particularly French -- concern over American hegemony in the cultural arena. The reason cultural products are largely exempted from WTO regulations is because of French concern for their own culture."

John Robb: "SmartTags are a weapon in a struggle of titans. Microsoft is at war with AOL. The Web isn't the battleground, it's in Microsoft's camp."

WSJ: "The talks between Microsoft and America Online that collapsed this past weekend bore a striking resemblance to the discussions that led to their uneasy alliance to swap technologies in 1996."

On this day last year I was in heavy-duty euphoria mode discovering the magic of music on the Internet thanks to Napster. Hey thanks Napster. Johnny's in the basement mixing up the medicine.


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