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Good morning and welcome to the second Microsoft-Free-Friday. I hope you're all trying a new browser today. There are some excellent ones out there. I'm using Opera 5. It's fast!

DaveNet: Don't Be A Deer.

Doc: "It seems that John Lee liked to have his hair cut at home, and the barber was glad to oblige. But one day when he came over to John Lee's house, there was a corpse in the front parlor, laying on the couch. When the barber went over to have a closer look, the corpse which belonged to a gaunt white man appeared to have been dead for some time. When the barber went into John Lee's bedroom, where the old man sat ready for his haircut, the barber said, 'Did you know there's a dead guy in your living room?' 'Aw,' John Lee replied, 'That's just Kieth Richards. He always looks like that.'"

OK, I gotta fess up, I did try to view Jake's Brainpan with MSIE. He's got the best implementation of Microsoft-Free-Friday I've seen so far. Hurry up and check it out. A little over two hours remain in the Pacific time zone. (There's always next week.)

CF_XMLRPC is a "set of tags that implements the [XML-RPC] specification in ColdFusion."

MacCentral: Wozniak's fireside chat. Hmm, looks like he's standing at a podium in a Holiday Inn in Dearborn Michgan.

I'm participating next week in the Silicon Valley Roundtable.

ArsDigita Corporation and Philip Greenspun have amicably settled all of their disputes.

Larry Yudelson wants to make a rich text editor for Mozilla.

Dan Gillmor on Opera: "I would like the browser to create entirely new instances of itself when I open a new page, rather than creating a window inside the current one."

Paul Andrews is back, from Seattle. Welcome!

Brent writes about performance on Mac OS X.

Barista: "It seems that there are some at the company who feel that they are missing out on a great 'perk' when engineers are able to work from home. The new policy is that you have to be in the office Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for at least 8 hours and the hours must overlap 11am-4pm."

Tom Matrullo: "Intellectual property has been driving the species for some 5 million years. In the past 100 or so years, it's increasingly been saddled with the chore of lining the pockets of middlemen and parasites who, sans this lining, would lack sufficient intellect to open a can of beer."

Adam is on antibiotics and forced bed-rest. Somehow I just can't imagine him sitting still that long. I'm on antibiotics too, but I can get out. Yesterday, one of the hottest days of the year, I planted coreopsis, petunias, marigolds and am getting ready with some impatiens. Went swimming eight times.

I'm working on a new thing I call #upstream.xml. It's a spec you drop in a folder that tells Radio how to route changes to the folder and its sub-folders. I've been getting ready to do this for at least a year or two. It's tricky code, I'm writing it slowly, but it's fun and it works. I've got the FTP driver running, today I'm working on the XSS driver.

xmlhack: SOAP over BEEP.

Chris Kaminski: "With smart tags, Microsoft is effectively extending its role from being a supplier of tools people use to view content to being the executive editor and creative director of every site on the web."

Here's an idea we've been incubating for six years. In Frontier, if you put a name in double-quotes that it knows, it does a replacement. This glossary is hierarchic, so it loops out levels until it hits the root, so you can over-ride global definitions locally. A one-level version of this glossary is the Manila shortcuts feature. It all happens in the CMS, on the server, not in the browser, fully under the control of the writers. Now that Microsoft has raised the issue, it makes sense perhaps to formalize a proposal for developers of CMS's to do distributed glossaries. This is something we've been working on steadily too. Our global glossary is a web app, and Radio 7.0 users automatically update Radio's glossary every night to get the latest changes, via XML of course. So we've got a working flow system already built.

If you have Radio or Frontier, jump to user.html.glossary to see your top-level glossary. Play with it. It works.

5/15/96: "Some people have objected to the use of double-quotes, saying it interferes with a writer's process. But I'm a writer, and I love it! I've never heard a prose writer complain about this, just script writers. If you quote something that isn't in the glossary, the renderer leaves it alone. Sometimes it enables text that I wasn't expecting it to. I usually chuckle, and then put a backslash before the double-quote, which turns rendering off for the term. But often it surprises me by doing exactly the right thing. I laugh even louder when this happens!"


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