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Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal reports that Microsoft is dropping Smart Tags from IE6. Brief comments here.

DaveNet: Microsoft drops a bombshell.

Eric Raymond, Eric Kidd, Wes Felter, David Stutz and David Reed comment on today's Microsoft announcement.

John Rhodes: "Microsoft doesn't care much about shared source or Smart Tags and we are wasting our time following their marketing trail."

Miguel de Icaza: "Man, the plot thickens! More .NET confusion galore!"

By the way, Scoble figured this out on Sunday. He read the tea-leaves perfectly. The Microsoft PR people went into a tail-spin. eWeek picked up the story on Tuesday. What a success for Weblog-Land. Give the man a Pulitzer.

Brigitte Eaton: "I hate my pets."

Cayce Ullman: SOAP for Python v0.9.7.

A vision of Office 2004.

A cool domain that's not taken.

Looks like Microsoft rushed today's announcement. There's not a clue about it on MSNBC, NY Times, Wired.

News.Com: "In a move as political as it is technological, Microsoft said Wednesday it will use its new 'shared source' philosophy to help spread the software plumbing of its Microsoft.Net plan beyond the Windows operating system."

ZDNet: Microsoft edges into sharing code.

Infoworld: Microsoft shares code for .NET tools.

Greg White explains a registry hack on Windows that enables Smart Tags even for sites that have opted out.

Evan Williams: "Smart Tags are now turned off for all Blog*Spot sites."

I was surprised and pleased to see Evan do this. He had commented earlier that he'd wait and see. Well I guess he didn't wait very long. Very nice.

"The ugliest bit of engineering" Permanent link to '"The ugliest bit of engineering"' in archives.

I looked over our entire Web content framework, from responders to Manila, the result of five years of really hard work, and there are no klooges as ugly as the code that turns off Smart Tags. It's absolutely the ugliest bit of engineering we have. On every hit we have to try to be an HTML parser and find the <title> of the document and correctly insert the <meta> tag without adding too much overhead to our already overburdened servers and without breaking the HTML, now and in the future. Any other way of doing it is just too much work when you're hosting thousands of free sites. So where are the standards purists at Microsoft on this? Couldn't they have done it with an HTTP header? That could have been clean and efficient. Or made it opt-in for the webmaster? Or just forget the whole friggin thing.

KnowNow Launches Permanent link to 'KnowNow Launches' in archives.

You can know what until now, only KnowNow knew...

KnowNow: "Real-Time Enterprise Solutions that Drive Business Across the Internet."

I sent an email to Rohit, "Could you possibly have picked a worse day to launch?"

But no matter, I still love him, and Adam and Sally, and wish them the best of luck. Watch the company. They're smart people.

Dan Gillmor: "Imagine, for example, that you're looking at a map of major Bay Area highways. The map is embedded in a PC spreadsheet or Web browser. Every 30 seconds, it updates the average traffic speeds noted by road sensors at various locations along those highways. I saw such a map earlier this week in Mountain View, at the offices of KnowNow."

Megnut: "Looking over the site, I feel two things: relief that I'm gone, it's just obvious that the corporate style at KnowNow is not my style; and a bit of sadness, because I loved the idea of building kick-ass real-time web applications. And KnowNow provides the tools to do it. I imagine we'll be seeing some really amazing things being built with this stuff in the next year or two."

Joel: "Listen, bubbie: if I can't understand it, and I've been writing software for twenty years, then I don't know who will."


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