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Good morning sports fans!

The week in review: Microsoft Microsoft Microsoft.

Survey: Do you think Microsoft adds features to their operating system in order to eliminate competition?

Kuro5hin: "They're not winning because they have a quality product, they're not winning because they're skillful at business, and they're not winning because they're lucky; they're winning because they cheated."

The Standard: "Despite what you've heard, ethical lapses by the Microsoft judge did not undermine the antitrust case against the software giant."

6/16/00: "In other words, the strategy, which is clearly illegal, appears to have worked."

Dan Gillmor has a copy of an email from Steve Ballmer to all Microsoft employees re the Appeals Court decision.

BTW, on a macro level, something is seriously wrong in high-tech. Moore's curve keeps getting steeper, networking technology is advancing at a huge pace, yet we're in a deep recession and it's getting deeper. This should not be happening. My belief is that the flow of new user-oriented networking software has been disrupted, that's why it's slowing down. We've stopped coming up with new things for the users to do with networks. There are two reasons for this, imho. The VCs have drawn the wrong conclusions about the causes for the dotcom bust. They weren't investing in technology, they were starting publishing companies and retail outlets. This is not the proper role for technology investors. The other reason is that under the guise of "innovation" Microsoft has scared off all its competition. My company is one of the few that doesn't mind throwing everything into a market that, by conventional wisdom, is impossible to reach because of the existence of Microsoft.

David Brown. "When I started at Microsoft, I worked on LAN Manager, a networking package that competed directly with Novell. We were focused with laser-like intensity to beat Novell at their own game. But we couldn't -- Novell was entrenched, and since people had to buy and install LAN Manager in the same fashion they bought and installed Novell NetWare, people went with the established product." A must-read.

I explain part of UserLand's roadmap on Hack-the-Planet.

Dori Smith's list of Mac HTML editors. "This is the software category that supposedly doesn't exist."

Register: Usenet Creator Dead.

Hey it's Friday, so we have a new XML format for Frontier. This one serializes and deserializes tables. Why do we need this format when XML-RPC object serialization works so well? This format is specifically designed for Frontier and includes all the data types we support, including scripts and menubars. We got tired of doing one-off XMLizations for each application. This should work in all cases. The first application for it will be glossaries in Smurf Turf (a codename).

Hey it's Friday, and that means if you want to read Jake's Brainpan you'd better not be using MSIE.

Reuters: "'When you damage the brain or lose some of the aspects of mind or personality, that doesn't necessarily mean the mind is being produced by the brain. All it shows is that the apparatus is damaged,'' Parnia said, adding that further research might reveal the existence of a soul."

Deborah Branscum reporting from Stockholm.

More new Manila courses by Ken Dow. He's the best.

Bryan is totally on a roll.

On this day in 1999 Slashdot was acquired by Andover.

Picking up the thread from yesterday, getting some pushback from O'Reilly folks. Guys and gals, clearly Frontier should have been in your XML-RPC book, and not just in the foreword, which I wrote. Without Frontier there would not have been an XML-RPC to write a book about. I'd love to support the book fully without any reservation, but the route-around is pretty clear. Why should I help sell your product when you exclude ours? (I do help sell it, anyway.) That this discussion has to happen now is completely embarassing, but the book is out, for everyone to see, with your name on it. This is what O'Reilly thinks XML-RPC is. Are UserLand's products part of XML-RPC? Unequivocally, yes.


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