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DaveNet: The Micro Channel Architecture.

Wow. I'm on the list of the Top 100 technology experts, industry leaders, etc at Enterprise Systems Journal, except they said I wrote Visicalc. Oy. Maybe this isn't such an honor? On balance I guess it's OK, they did spell my name correctly.

Survey: "Now that Napster as-we-knew-it is gone, are you buying more or less music than you did before Napster came along?"

I started scanning some of my old pre-Napster CDs. I paid $20+ apiece for these babies. They still work. So I'm listening to old tunes. There's this great Dr John song I haven't heard in ten years. It's so pretty and happy. So I sent it via email to four of my closest friends. Then I sent an email to Woz asking if I could send it to him, and then I realized I had a couple of other ideas I wanted to send him too. See how this works? Music is like a flag pole. It inspires salutation. Now Dr John is not exactly a household name. I could not find the lyrics for this song on the Web. So could we have a win-win? Is there some way to spread a little joy and teach people about old music that gets the feet moving and makes the heart happy and makes money for the artist and the music company? It seems so damned easy. Help me send a really low-rez scan to my friends for free. What could you lose?

Memories. I first saw Dr John at a theater on East 23rd Street in NYC in 1970 or so. I had no idea what to expect, I knew his music but had no idea what he looked like. After the concert I still didn't know. He came out dressed in a huge gaudy Mardi Gras costume (this is before I moved to New Orleans, so I didn't know that's what it was). He had a mast and a mask, and a big hat made out of huge psychedelic feathers. I could tell he was big. Black or white? No way to know. He comes out on stage sits at the piano, strikes a chord and out of this outrageous costume comes: "Some people think they jive me but I know they must be crazy.. Je suis le Grand Zombie.. Ain't afraid of no tomcat fill my brain with poison." Man oh man that did it for me.

Images of New Orleans musicians.

From Henry Norr at the SF Chronicle: "Huh? EISA today is as much a historical curiosity as MCA. It was never widely adopted, and when Intel developed PCI, that cleared the field." Mea culpa. Serves me right for talking about buses. I defer to Henry who knows what he's talking about, obviously. On-the-wire fact-checking.

Douglas Rushkoff: "The Internet is back. That's right: alive and well. Not slumping or waning, slowing up or winding down. It may be a little shell-shocked, but that's only because it's just won a war." Right on.

News.Com: "On Thursday, MSN Messenger product manager Sarah Lefko attributed the outage to 'a hardware failure,' adding that 'up to approximately a third' of MSN Messenger customers were not able to make full use of the service."

Danny Goodman: "Imagine my surprise when I installed Microsoft Train Simulator and tried to register the product on-line. On-line registration is possible only if you also install Passport."

BTW, today is Friday, so if you want to redirect your readers to Opera, OmniWeb, iCab, Mozilla or Netscape, it's totally OK to do that.

Paul Simon: "The thought that life could be better is woven indelibly into our hearts and our brains."

Thanks to Meg for the pointer to NetFlix. What a great idea.

Deborah Branscum: "Time to ink those 'proud to be a blogger' tattoos."

What is WSUI?

I sent an email to Microsoft PR asking if these screen shots are for real. They say it's a hoax.

Robert Bork, Kenneth Starr: "Microsoft is hardly a leading innovator. It bought the technologies for its major products. Its genius has been in business and predation, not innovation."

Walt Mossberg: "If you're one of the millions of consumers with multiple PCs in your household, and you plan on upgrading them to Microsoft's forthcoming Windows XP operating system, you're in for a rude surprise."

Speaking of rude surprises, I'm up at 3:13AM because I live in the woods and have a tile roof. For the last few nights there have been very strange loud animal sounds on the roof over my head. The first night I thought it involved death. Two animals. One weak and squealing and resisting, the other growling, chasing and attacking. They race around on the roof, and then onto the sidewalk and then back onto the roof. Tonight I think it's love. Same sounds followed by cooing and gurgling. I can't see any of it, it's all in my ears and the rest in my imagination.

It's really neat to see Jason Levine reveal more of himself on his weblog. I read his site every time it updates. There's an observable change. "I've decided that it feels just fine right now to wait." I think I know what he's talking about, if only it were so simple!

So here's a song for Jason and all others who are waiting.

Brent: "I'm so used to Web sites being perpetually 'under construction' -- because that's the way they're supposed to be, they're supposed to be always changing and new. So it feels extra weird to have a finished site."

Roy Rogers died on this day in 1998.


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