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DaveNet: Bear Stearns and Me.

Eric Raymond: "Fredrik Lundh's xmlrpclib was checked into the CVS tree for Python 2.2 this morning after about the fastest and most unanimous endorsement I have ever seen on python-dev. I am writing the library documentation even as we speak."

The discussion on the python-dev list is fascinating. Fwiw, I would like to see Python include both XML-RPC and SOAP 1.1. I agree with Raymond that it's good politics, it's almost entirely a political thing to offer users choice in connecting components across all kinds of boundaries.

Today's song: "Give us a wink and make me think of you."

eWeek: BEA to acquire Crossgain.

Inside.Com: "Facing a cash crunch, probable Nasdaq delisting and a stock price which values the entire company at under $2 million, Salon Media Group, Inc. -- the renamed parent of -- would appear to have all the ingredients needed for a takeover attempt done on the fly. As it happens, one arrived last week from doppelganger corporation Salon Holdings LLC -- a one-man shell company that would buy Salon, fire the majority of the 37-member editorial staff and replace them with syndicated articles from magazines like the Atlantic Monthly and the New Yorker."

Evan Williams: "Sitting here, I feel like the new guy who just started a new job. Except, I don't have to do anything. Actually, I have to do a lot of things, just not with these people. And I don't get paid like I had a new job. But did I mention the view?"

Reuters: Microsoft to allow Windows alterations. "Microsoft Corp. said on Wednesday it is changing how it licenses its Windows operating system to computer makers, allowing them to remove its Web browser and make other changes."

Key question: Can the OEMs remove Passport?

Microsoft's press release.

I almost got a BigPub to run my proposed remedy calling for a separate BrowserCo and for Microsoft to take responsibility for WINE. Now another pub has expressed interest. The proposal could be distilled into 500 words. Today's plan from Microsoft would have solved the problem in 1996, but it's too late now, a much stronger remedy is needed to restore competition to the browser market.

Jeremie Miller started a mail list to work on using Jabber to transport remote procedure calls.

David Reeves: "In your dotcom survivor survey, you forgot to include a choice for 'people who now work for the BigCo that acquired their dot-com.'"

What is DotGnu?

Guardian: Moreover chief steps down.

On the FoRK list, Clay Shirky posts conclusions about XML-RPC as compared to HTTP, Mark Baker responds, and Dave Winer (that's me) amplifies.

Jeff Walsh: "The other day, I went to order my venti soy chai tea latte and something amazing happened, I heard two people sitting in Starbucks discussing.. a book."

Last night I went to the EFF party in SF. I stopped going to tech parties in SF around the time of the Pet-Food-Portal craze. "This is not high-tech anymore," I said to myself and anyone would listen. People talked about how their IPO was coming through any day, or if they were "pre-IPO" (had these people never heard of Murphy?) how they just raised $50 million for the next thing after pet food, without a clue what that was. That was late 1999 I think. So now there's been a hiatus, and the question I hoped to answer last night is "Will it come back?"

I had hoped to see Howard Rheingold or Justin Hall or Mitch Kapor or Nat Goldhaber or Louis Rossetto -- but they weren't there. But there were a lot of familiar faces, and hugs and high-fives. After the MBAs and VCs we still have a culture. Sure there are more lines on the faces, more gray in the beards, but there still is a soul and a heart ticking. The EFF is a nice place for a reunion because while there is talk about money, it's about money for freedom, and if that ain't the heart of the Web, well, go sell some pet food to someone who cares.

Highly recommended: Startup.Com.


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