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It's Friday and that means several things, including freedom from You-Know-Who. I swear this will be the only mention on this page today of that big attention-hogging company from Seeee-atttt-le.

I was shocked to see the photo of the dead protestor in Genoa. What cause did he die for? I don't know. And I don't believe it was a non-violent protest. I was on the other side of the barricade in Davos last year, in a much more controllable environment. Davos is hard to reach if the Swiss don't want you there. Even with just a few hundred protestors, there was violence, and it came from the protestors. I saw it with my own eyes. The police were scary, but they were on the defensive. Every day people die in Israel, and it's not big news, and I know the issues, the causes they're dying for, at least at some level. After looking for a couple of years for a summary of the issues the protestors are fighting for, I'm still coming up empty. What is it that they want? I have trouble understanding the death of the protestor without knowing what he died for. The protestors, whoever they are, whatever they're protesting, now have a martyr, and that sucks, because someone died, and it's going to get even more confusing for sure.

Reuters: "China has shut down nearly 2,000 Internet cafes across the country and has ordered 6,000 to suspend operations and make changes, state media said on Friday."

Internet Librarian conference, Nov 2001, Pasadena, CA.

Tim Jarrett: "HTML allowed people to share information easily and enabled people to get connected to each other on the Internet. Just as HTML described how to allow people to access information in an intuitive, graphical way, so XML-RPC describes how to allow different computer programs to talk to each other across the Internet. It's scalable and robust, it's an emerging standard. And Apple is baking it into the OS at a very low level."

It's Friday so here's a casual survey. "Do you want freedom from You-Know-Who?"

David Weinberger: "CoolBoard has no way to export the messages on a board. So, to preserve the contents, I have to open every message and do a manual copy and paste."

NY Times: "The record industry's largely successful effort to cripple Napster, the online music site turned social phenomenon, has left it facing something potentially worse: a new generation of music-swapping sites, more numerous and much harder to police."

Lots of people recommend Audio Galaxy. I haven't installed it yet. I'm thinking of giving it a try.

Gilles Lalonde: Spyware-infested software. Audio Galaxy is on the list.

WinMX is a "free file-sharing program like no other."

Edd Dumbill: "Sun is big enough and nasty enough to slug this one out for itself." Exactly.

ZDNet: "Tony Goodhew, a program manager in [You-Know-Who]'s developer products group, has warned that licensing problems might result if open source code is mixed with [You-Know-Who]'s .Net software."

WebReview: PythonWorks 1.2. "PythonWorks Pro is quite a bit different than most any IDE or text editor you've used before. Its use of docked panes is somewhat reminiscent of the style of [You-Know-Who] Visual Studio, but the dominant metaphor is of a Web browser."

News.Com: "Almost 12,000 Web servers have been infected by a new Internet worm that takes advantage of a security flaw in [You-Know-Who] software to deface sites, security experts said Wednesday. The worm could also help attackers identify infected computers and gain control of them." We run Frontier and Apache at UserLand.

Eastside Journal: "[You-Know-Who] was on red alert yesterday, tracking down a new Internet virus that was launched to attack the White House Web site."

Now, I'm pretty sure that Brent is not the Talking Moose, but..

Brent: "I'm the Talking Moose."

It's even worse than it appears..

Mike Donellan: "I AM the *real* talking moose!!!"

Speaking of moose, I had a friend a long time ago who was very tall and skinny, so I gave him a funny nickname, Moose. He was anything but a moose. Another long-lost friend, Ray Coop, and I used to have a routine about Moose. I'd ask "Have you heard from Moose lately?" Ray would say "Yes, and he says you owe him money." So I wonder what became of Ray Coop. I don't want to know what happened with Moose.

Another moose story. In the early days of the Macintosh there was a system extension called The Talking Moose. It was a great little thing, it would pop up at random times and using the speech capabilities of the early Mac (kind of like You-Know-Who's Paper Clip), and say something pithy about what you're doing. It was soooo insightful. So I did a search, and quickly found that it has been resurrected by some guy named Uli. This is The Killer App for Mac OS X. No doubt in my mind. I will buy a new Mac to run this software, if it really works, and if they make it read XML over the Internet to program the phrase file. (Uli could use the new system-level SOAP capability of Mac OS X.)

On this day in 1999: The Bees Are Back. "Every year I write about them when they reappear. Every year they teach a different lesson."

Update for Bee Season 2001. We had a few bees at a BBQ on Sunday, but it wasn't too bad. They're not really here yet.

BTW, it's great to have a working telephone, but it turns out that the repair guy from PacBell who broke the phone yesterday also gave me some other person's business card. A friend called him yesterday when I published (briefly) the phone number on Scripting News. Let me repeat that so it sinks in. He gave me someone else's business card! Wow.

I got my new cellphone today, and at the same time I got a working scanner. The first thing I scanned was a NY Times review of ThinkTank from 1983. Hey it's legible.


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