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We're moving some servers today, so there will be a pretty big outage. It won't affect many of the hosted Manila sites, but the Frontier, Samples, Search, and a few other sites will be off the air, and mail to and from UserLand will be out during the move. We'll do it as quickly as we can. Dig we must!

8:06PM: Update on the outage. The sites are back, but the mail server is still out.

I've been nominated for the Top Rave at Wired, and it's nice to get recognition for the role I played in SOAP, of all things. Wow. Thank you. It's a people's choice thing, so you get to vote. Please do.

I had a very nice meeting today with Mitch Kapor. Mitch and I used to be close friends in the early 80s when we were both at Personal Software, the company that was made famous by VisiCalc. Mitch, of course, went on to create Lotus 1-2-3 (see below), and is one of the founders of the EFF, and until recently was a venture capitalist at Accel Partners. Now he's embarking on a new but familiar path, creating a "personal organizer" software product to follow the thread he started with Agenda. It was only a two-hour meeting, with a short walk, but it's amazing how much we covered in such a short time. Mitch groks software like no one else. What an amazing mind he has. It felt, later, like reconnecting with a family member, we have a lot in common, are about the same age, Jewish transplants in California, born in Brooklyn. We're the older generation now, and perhaps not surprisingly, we parse today's world in much the same way. There will be a lot more to say about this meeting, and I hope quite a few more to come. (Also, he's is going to start a Manila site, we're going to host it for him.)

Gary Oliver: Agenda FAQ.

A controversy I forgot to ask him about. Is his name pronounced Kay-pour or Ka-poor. I'm pretty sure I asked him this once a long time ago, most people go for the second pronunciation, but I think it's the first.

Number of members of the New York mail list: 59. Is the next stop Salt Lake City? I'm thinking about driving to hang out with Craig Burton in his hometown. August is a great month for a long auto trip through the high desert. I wonder how many people would come to a dinner next week in Salt Lake?

Microsoft has "developed a tool that eliminates the obvious damage that is caused by the Code Red II worm."

Register: "Given than NCompassí prices were competitive with other vendors in the market such as BroadVision, Vignette and so on, how much of a bombshell will this sort of price cut have on the market?"

SF Chronicle: "Longtime Salon investor Bill Hambrecht and Adobe Systems founder John Warnock are leading a group of 11 investors in putting $2.5 million into the struggling online magazine and may add another $1.5 million during the next month, Salon chief executive Michael O'Donnell said."

Glenn Fleishman: "Here's a fun set of graphs I like to look at that helps me understand who is coming from where (and then I try to figure out why)."

Byte: Distributed OSs. "Some experts define a distributed operating system as an OS that manages a collection of independent computers and makes them appear to the users of the system as a single computer."

workspace.userlandSamples.blogger connects Frontier and Radio to Blogger through its new XML-RPC interface.

A new look for the Talking Moose site. Nice!

Register: "As patent owners Microsoft can not only demand royalty payments but also refuse to issue a licence altogether and simply demand that use of the application using the patented software be stopped immediately."

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is one of the major themes of Windows XP. It's a loop back to the 1980s when copy protected software was the norm. Most of the articles from this period are not on the Web, but luckily my mom kept a copy of this 9/28/86 NY Times article that I was quoted in during the copy protection rebellion. "'The users have taken control of the business,' said David Winer, president of Living Videotext, a software company in Mountain View, Calif., best know [sic] for ThinkTank, a program used to draft outlines." We can expect articles like this one to come back too -- in 2002 or 2003.

At the time, most Microsoft software was not copy protected, so most of the users' ire was directed at Lotus, which was then the leading software company. Lotus' 1-2-3 spreadsheet program was copy protected.

Renato Iannella: Digital Rights Management Architectures.


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