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Good morning sports fans!

Reuters: "A federal appeals court sent Microsoft Corp.'s antitrust case on Friday back to a lower court to determine what remedies should be imposed on the software giant."

News.Com: New judge in Microsoft case. "After graduating from law school, Kollar-Kotelly served as a law clerk to Judge Catherine Kelley at the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. She later--1969 to 1972--worked in the Justice Department's criminal division as an attorney. In October 1984, after serving as chief legal counsel to St. Elizabeth's Hospital, she took an appointment as an associate judge at the District of Columbia Superior Court. There she served as deputy presiding judge of the criminal division from 1995 to her appointment as a federal judge."

A new XML-RPC implementation this morning, for PHP, from Stefan Saasen. We're up to 42 implementations. The Blogger XML-RPC community keeps growing. And we're reaching new milestones with the Jabber developers.

Bing. Here's #43. "It's an XML-RPC message builder, written in JavaScript. It takes JavaScript data objects and converts them into an XML-RPC message." Just say yes.

pyBlogger 0.8 can post to Manila sites.

Branscum: "Blognosing... is all the rage." Watch it grow.

Talking Moose: "Using Linux must pay. This license plate was on a Porsche that costs about $110,000."

Manila supports the Blogger API 

One week ago, last Friday, I started work on bloggerApi.root, a guest database that, when installed alongside Manila, implements support for the Blogger API. While I was in Colorado, while the Jabber guys were breaking through with Blogger, Jake was finishing bloggerApi.root.

We did it in two steps. First, we implemented a set of ManilaRPC methods that do functionally what the Blogger API does. (Docs will follow on these). Then we implemented connective glue in bloggerApi.root that calls these methods, and deployed it quietly on all our servers. We then told the Jabber guys how to call it. It worked. So now we're ready to release this code to Frontier developers.

OK, here's the first a Manila site that we're opening to the public for testing the Blogger API running in Manila. I created a new account for a fictitious user named John Q. Public. We also released an example script that creates a new post, edits it, creates another, and deletes it. Here's a screen shot, in which the account name and password are highlighted. Please be kind to our server, we're doing this because we want developers in all environments to connect up to this new capability.

Now the next pointer. Emulating Blogger in Manila. On that page you'll find a link to bloggerApi.root, and an explanation of how the Blogger API is implemented in Manila. This is important if you're running Manila sites or if you're implementing the client side of the Blogger API and want to work with Manila. The interface is transparent, Manila works exactly as Blogger does, but if you're making assumptions about blogId's and postId's you may want to see how they work in Manila. Also others who are cloning the Blogger API may want to look here for prior art.

Jabber, Blogger and Manila 

JabNews: "I just successfully posted a message to a Manila-based test site with my Jabber client -- the Jabber Blogging Agent is slowly getting better. I'm planning to get a version into production on by the end of next week."

Now, let me explain what's going on there. Dave Smith, who posted that message, typed that text into a Jabber client, where it was routed to his Manila site through the Blogger API. He could just as easily have used it to post to a Blogger site. In other words, we've reached the milestone -- we now have the Blogger API working for news-item-oriented Manila sites. This means that if you have a toolkit for Blogger, you should be able to use it to get, post, edit and delete items on a Manila site.

A new rendition of the block diagram I drew for the Jabber folk that got the ball rolling earlier this week. There's a new twist, I included an IM server as a Blogger-compatible server. I'd like to be able to configure Radio to mirror the flow of my weblog to IM users. This is still just a dream, but as we've seen this week, dreams can come true.

Thanks to Rob Fahrni of Microsoft for the beautiful Visio rendering of my hand-drawn block diagram.

My poor mind 

My head is spinning with all the combinations that are opening up. I want to thank both Blogger and Jabber for the Many Mind Bombs (MMBs) that are now erupting in my head. This is why I do software, and why collaborative development is so much fun. Thanks!


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