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I moved my History of Weblogs to a faster server, cleaned it up a bit, fixed broken links, found an archive of Netscape's What's New page (the one I had went 404). The first website,, redirects to a modern page, luckily there's an archive of that too. (I wish historic sites were safer bets.)

John Robb: "The answering machine can become a firewall."

Tonight's movie: Shakespeare in Love. Sweet!

It's a double-feature.

NY Times: "Some of the leading state attorneys general in the Microsoft antitrust case said yesterday that they would press for tough sanctions against the software maker, including ones that apply to the company's new operating system, Windows XP."

They're still fumbling the remedy. Talk with a few developers, find out where the choke-point is, and neuter it. I sent an email to the author of the Times article outlining the way to do it. Breaking the company up is unworkable. It would take a decade to do, they all work on the same campus, the thinking is so ingrained, and what good would it do. Office is an albatross. They need to rethink their apps anyway. You'd be doing them a favor by splitting Office into a separate company.

Flangy News: "I've resigned my position at Microsoft."

Bernie Dodge: "Wow, Dave. I've ego surfed my full name before, but it never occurred to me to search for just my first name until you did it. And holy shit... I'm the first Bernie!"

More first name surfing. Gates is the third Bill. Raymond is the third Eric. Curry is the sixth Adam. Felter is the third Wes. Savin is the fourth Jake. Bricklin is the fifth Dan. Swarz is the first Aaron. Kapor is the second Mitch. Spolsky is the first Joel. Williams is the first Evan. Neuburg is the seventh Matt. Fleishman is the seventh Glenn. Ballmer isn't on the first page of Steves, nor is Jobs.

Wired: "Music and record industry lobbyists are quietly readying an all-out assault on Congress this fall in hopes of dramatically rewriting copyright laws."

Google translation of the Manila home page, in Spanish.

Art News: Feminism's New Look.

A woman's joke about the gender of computers.

My favorite gender joke is still the one about the forest. "If a man is in a forest and says something, and no women are present, is he still wrong?"

Ralph Hempel: "How many feminists does it take to change a light bulb? Just one, just as well as a man, and it's not funny, dammit!"

Ole and Sven go fishing 

Ole and Sven went fishing on the lake on a hot summer day.

"Oh boy," said Sven, "It sure is hot today," as he reached to pick up a beer hanging over the side, and fell into the lake and sank like a stone.

"Boy oh boy Sven sure been in the water a long time," said Ole after ten minutes. "I'd better go rescue him."

He swam all the way to the bottom of the lake, where it is very muddy and dark, and felt a cold body. "Oh boy this must be Sven," he thought and grabbed the hand and pulled him to the surface and dumped the body into the boat and immediately began mouth-to-mouth resucitation.

"Oh you don't taste so good," Ole thought, about his brother Sven's breath. "It almost makes me want to vomit," he said.

He did this for five minutes with no success. Ole cried and cried, through the tears he said. "I love you so much Sven, why did you have to fall in the lake and drown like that and oh what am I going to tell Lena and come to think of it where did you get the helmet and the snowmobile outfit?"

Let's fix a bug 

OK, this part is not a joke, here's a bug I'd like to fix.

I pick up the phone. A woman's voice. "Hi it's me."

I have no idea who it is, I'm on the other line, and it's confusing.

And get this -- telemarketers are starting to do this too.

A friendly woman's voice says "Hi."

I ask "Who is this?"

"My name is Melody and I work with First Union Mortgage."

Click. Grrrr.

PS: My mother, when she calls, says "Hi, it's your mother."



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