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Today's Song: The Star-Spangled Banner.

NY Times: "Many Americans have come to consider politics irrelevant in recent years. Now politicians matter again, and the president, in his role as commander in chief, becomes our focal point."

The image of the firemen with the flag came from the Bergen County Record. This picture destined for the history books.

NASA photos from space of the WTC smoke plume.

US Senator John McCain: "We should demand that Afghanistan immediately extradite to the United States Osama bin Laden. We will know in due course if he is the architect of yesterday’s attacks, but we already possess sufficient evidence to have indicted him for orchestrating the attacks on our embassies in Kenya and Tanzania."

London Times: "Both Egypt and Jordan still have Israeli Ambassadors on their soil, despite growing popular demands for their expulsion. President Mubarak and King Abdullah II of Jordan are seen by Islamic radicals as American puppets, leaders who are unable to sway opinion in Washington and unwilling to confront America over its support for the Sharon Government in Israel."

Jerusalem Post: "Peres said that if Arafat does not renounce terrorism, he will have to face the wrath of the world. The balancing act Arafat has played successfully for years in appeasing the Western world while harboring and sponsoring terror can no longer continue, he said."

Thomas Friedman: "Hey boss, did you hear that? We just blew up Wall Street and the Pentagon and their response is no more curbside check-in?"

Standard: "Phil Rosenzweig, 47, a director in Sun's software organization who had been with the company since 1991, worked in Burlington, Mass., and was on his way to Los Angeles, Sun said. American Flight 11 was the first flight to hit the World Trade Center, slamming into the north tower at 8:45 a.m."

BBC: US computers networks at risk. "One day after the terrorist attacks against New York and Washington, a congressional report has warned of the vulnerability of the country's computer networks."

Standard: Markets Won't Open Before Friday. "Citing concerns over safety in downtown Manhattan, America's two biggest stock markets, the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq, won't reopen for trading until Friday at the earliest."

Salon: FBI: We know who they were. "Mueller says no arrests have been made, but the agency has identified most of the hijackers and their 'associates.'"

A reader who requested anonymity has a plan for rebuilding the WTC in a slightly different form. Look at it twice and use your imagination. A very New York response. Gotta love it.

Nadirah Sabir: "America is on alert and on the defensive. So, too, are American Muslims."

Lockergnome: "The Lockergnome staff has come to the decision of officially postponing Gnomedex."

O'Reilly: "We are postponing the Peer-to-Peer and Web Services Conference in Washington, DC."

BBC: "It was the fire that killed the buildings."

PayPal has "created a special fund to help PayPal members provide assistance to those affected by this tragic event."

BBC: "The gloom which enveloped stock markets after the terrorist attacks in the US has begun to clear after a rollercoaster day for European traders."

I started a new unmoderated mail list for news about the World Trade Center bombing. I suggest that it not be used to debate issues, or express emotions. If you find a story that you think should flow out through the weblog community, please post to the new list.

BBC: "Libya's Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat expressed their horror at the attacks."

Metafilter thread starting at 6AM yesterday, with photos.

Chicago Tribune: Backups let firms keep running.

Jerry Pournelle: "Jeremy and several other passengers decided there was nothing to lose by rushing the hijackers."

Joseph Pistritto: "I think we can consider this confirmed. Another person on that plane's wife was interviewed on KGO radio this morning, he lives in Pleasanton, CA, and apparently he made a total of 4 cellphone calls from the airplane to his wife in California, who told him about the WTC airline crash which had happened a few minutes before."

Jon Carroll: "There will be pressure to suspend our freedoms, to allow the government to invade our privacy and control our speech as part of the glossy new war. If terrorists force America to give up its freedoms, then they will have won."

AP: "Maine Gov. Angus King said two suspects had flown to Boston from the Portland International Jetport, and left behind a rental car that was impounded in the Portland area."

NY Daily News photo-essay. Warning, there's carnage.

John Robb: "The response to this attack shouldn't be seen as getting even or going to war with the group that did this (most likely bin Laden). Rather, it should be seen as a wake-up call to the world: terrorism and the states that support it are not to be tolerated anymore. The world is too small, people are too interdependent, and the ability of an individual or small group to do harm is so great that terrorism in all its forms cannot continue."

NY Times editorial: "There is a world of consoling to be done."

Poynter.Org has a collection of today's front pages.

NY Times front page for today.

Empire State Building webcam screen shot at 8:35AM Pacific.

Myers Carpenter has a war room.

BBC: "The suicide pilots struck not only at innocent civilians, but at the heart of what has been buoying America's struggling economy: the innate confidence of the country's people. By undermining that, the terrorists hope to destroy much more than one of the world's tallest buildings. They want to bring down the Western world's financial system."

Mail Starting 9/12/01.

Jerome Camus: Did the world change yesterday?

L3 Communications: "One of the greatest safety inventions for the commercial airline industry has been the crash protected flight recorder, more commonly called the 'Black Box.'"

Salman Rushdie: "The worst-case scenario of crossing the road, after all, is that you'll be hit by a truck and killed. Yet we all do cross roads every day, and could hardly function if we did not. To live by the worst-case scenario is to grant the terrorists their victory without a shot having been fired."

Lance Knobel: "Like so many people around the world, I had no appetite for work yesterday. I stayed in the office listening to the radio, then went home to watch the BBC's superb coverage of events (CNN, usually good in breaking news, was nowhere in comparison)."

Josh Watts took a picture of the WTC on a nice day before it was blown out of the sky.

Non WTC-links 

Survey: "If we had an easy gateway connecting Scripting News to instant messaging clients, allowing me to send news items out in real time, which would you likely use?"

XML.Com: "As an addition to the family of web technologies, SVG is a welcome arrival. It emerges at a time of new opportunity and challenge, as new devices and user communities proliferate. The W3C SVG Working Group has done a fantastic job with the development of the specification, and it's set high standards that other groups would do well to aim for."

LOCKSS stands for Lots Of Copies Keep Stuff Safe. "The beta version is being distributed to over 40 libraries worldwide who will run about 60 caches. Beta test sites include major libraries such as the Library of Congress, and smaller ones such as the University of Otago in New Zealand. Four 'shadow' publisher machines at Stanford will mirror about 15 GB of content from real journals, and simulate brief failures and permanent outages." (Via Nathan Torkington.)

I've gotten several requests to point to Amazon's page for donating to the Red Cross. I won't do it. At some point the crisis will alleviate, and Amazon may have recouped its reputation with Web developers because of this association with charity. Amazon's policy on software and business process patents remains unacceptable. If they want my support they should release their patents, and then I will happily point to their page for charitable giving.

7/24/00: "The Internet which you and I use was built out of an open sharing of ideas. By erecting barriers, as Amazon has, and being aggressive about it, they are milking a cash cow they didn't create."

Note to our customers and users of our software. September is still Love Manila Month. And we're working on the next release of Radio UserLand. The power of easy content management is behind everything we do. When people ask how I'm able to keep up with so much the answer is simple. To update my website I just type into my outliner and hit Control-S. Anyone who can use a computer who has something to say can do it. It's easy.

Many thanks to Faisal Jawdat and Stan Krute who have been feeding me links for the last two days.


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