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DaveNet: Palestinians, Mir Tamim Ansary on Afghanistan.

Thanks for thinking of the US.

Yahoo has collected over $7 million for the Red Cross.

NY Times: "Despite President Bush's request that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon hold peace talks soon, Mr. Sharon decided today that he was in no hurry to ease the Palestinians' political predicament in the wake of Tuesday's terror attack in the United States, and he canceled talks planned for Sunday without suggesting a new date."

John Robb, an ex-pilot, says that a plan to make aircraft impossible to hijack, proposed by Steve Kirsch and David Coursey, could work. However, he adds, "Pilots would hate it and would fight you every step of the way. They would rather be sealed in the cockpit than let a computer fly the plane."

It's possible that this email is a joke.

Alex Simmons re Ansary's piece: "I suspect the Russians are going to help us get to Afghanistan through the back door."

Independent: "Despite calls from US President George Bush to Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking for full support in the wake of the suicide attacks, Russia is making it clear that it will not back an American invasion of Afghanistan from bases in the former Soviet Central Asia."

Dan Gillmor passes on an idea from Rory O'Connor. On Monday when the NY stock markets open, buy a few shares of stock to support the economy.

Jerusalem Post: Palestinians rally for bin Laden.

Stratfor: "The terrorists who attacked the World Trade Center and Pentagon Sept 11 practiced near-perfect operational planning, coordination and execution before their mission but left behind obvious evidence leading to other operatives who may have supported the hijackings. This begs the question of whether these evidence trails were intentionally left in order to distract U.S. law enforcement from other terrorists."

Megnut: "I pulled an old college book off my bookshelf last night, The World's Religions by Huston Smith. I climbed into bed, proped up my pillows into reading position, and I opened up to a chapter I'd never read: Islam."

Wired: "FBI agents soon may be able to spy on Internet users legally without a court order."

NY Times editorial: "Since cell-phone technology first came into common use in the past few years, there have been instances where someone trapped, nearing death, was able to call home and say goodbye. But there has been no instance like that on Tuesday, when so many doomed people called the most meaningful number they knew from wherever they happened to be and prayed that someone would pick up on the other end."

Another famous cross-country car trip by Amazon's Bezos.

WSJ: "The New York developer who led the group that bought a 99-year lease of the World Trade Center said he is determined to help rebuild the complex."

High-res image of downtown Manhattan before the attack.

Harry Browne: "Our foreign policy has been insane for decades. It was only a matter of time until Americans would have to suffer personally for it. It is a terrible tragedy of life that the innocent so often have to suffer for the sins of the guilty."

Kevin Boyd: "Crisis, no matter how traumatic or unsettling, creates opportunity."

What you can do: Renew friendships with people who are considered enemies, but actually are not. Use the Internet to meet people with strange last names, and ask questions and listen to what they say. If they express anger, try to validate it, not negate it. Have the courage to go through your beliefs.

The Red Crescent is the Palestinian equivalent of the Red Cross. I gave them $100.

Something else we can do. Send less email. Mail servers are now becoming a critical resource. Yahoogroups is taking hours to deliver mail. If everyone cut their outbound email to new messages with new ideas and information, we'd be able to get more ideas and information transmitted.

James Spahr: "I've been very hungry for news that will explain to me why this happened. I'm not talking about the failure of our intelligence community; I'm talking about the history of the US foreign policy in the middle east."

Are you flying the American flag outside your home or business? Send me a picture.

Flag pics: Buck's, Scoble.

Much more mail.

Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan.

Dan Bricklin: "Having just flown in from Boston on a United flight the day before, the horror really struck home."

Black Hole Brain is in memorial mode.

Jeff Kandt: "President Bush now promises 'victory' over terrorism. This strikes me as incredibly naive, or cynical, or both. We can try to limit our exposure. We can turn ourselves into a police state, trading freedom for security. But how can you defend against someone willing to die for his cause?"

Michael Klare: "The image of American aircraft and missiles bombing Arab states and producing massive casualties -- many of them, inevitably, civilians with no ties to terrorists -- will surely confirm the belief among many ordinary Muslims that bin Laden is right: that the United States is intent on tormenting and subduing the Islamic world."

Christian Science Monitor: "If bin Laden is, indeed, the source of the attacks, US retribution is likely to be geographically complex and replete with risks that could lead to a wider war."

AFP: "A young Palestinian schoolgirl clutches flowers during a demonstration in support of the victims of the terror attacks on installations in the US, at the Beshir al-Reiss school in Gaza City, the Gaza Strip. Both Palestinians and Israelis have shown support and donated blood for the victims of the 11 September 2001 attacks in New York and Washington, DC."

Lance Knobel: "In Britain, as across Europe, there was a three minute silence today at 11 in the morning. In my office, people switched off their computer screens and concentrated on private thoughts. What was extraordinary was the lack of sound. The bustling square outside our office was suddenly stilled, with no taxis or errant car alarms breaking the hush."

File this under things Dave wants for Christmas 

I was asking for a scanner for a long time, I got it, and it's revolutionized coverage of concepts on Scripting News. I have another dream. I want a telephone number that I can call that records a message, stores it as an MP3 on a static server, and emails me the URL. Then I would run a script that moves it to a UserLand server, and link to it from Scripting News. This would allow me to interview people. This is something I like to do. If we can find such a service, I'd like to buy some stock. There would be a per-minute charge. Reliability and service would matter.

Tech news 

Syndic8: Block diagram of planned information flow.

Rob Malda: "When many news sites collapsed under the load, we managed to keep stumbling along. Countless people have asked me questions about how Slashdot handled the gigantic load spike."

Internet News: "Companies don't want to appear too ready to get back to business -- at the risk of seeming insensitive. But at the same time, agencies and clients say they're eager to show the world that the nation isn't paralyzed by the news."

XML.Com: Pork Barrel Protocols.

Nathan Torkington: "Normal people blog their thoughts."

Eric Soroos's Love Manila list.


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