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Real-time essay: Warfare trial balloons.

NY Times: "Government officials and financial leaders are eager to open the exchange and resume trading for symbolic, and practical, reasons. Millions of people do not know the value of their investments. Investors who want to sell shares, or buy them, cannot. The government is losing taxes every day the markets remain closed, and the exchange itself risks losing business to other markets, like the all-electronic Nasdaq, which is also scheduled to reopen tomorrow."

United Airlines mechanic: "They've cut us all back to five hours a day. They're saying we might have to declare bankruptcy. The families are suing the airline - the families of people in the building."

David McCusker: "Carnivore is a black box attached to your system's network to eavesdrop on all the traffic."

A poster I got from Chris Pirillo, it says it should be circulated to everyone, and I totally agree. Let's keep all the friends we've got. No need to create new enemies, we've got plenty of those already.

Is there an authoritative site that lists all the people who are confirmed to have died in the attack on 9/11?

6:21 PM: Dave called from DC.

BBC: "Those who make war against the United States have chosen their own destruction."

Michael McCarthy: "Today mainstream Islam is under assault from the fundamentalist extremists, and are afraid to act lest they provoke more outrages -- but unfortunately it is clear that an Islamic hero is needed because they simply won't go away, die off, or become mollified."

Wired: Amateur Newsies Top the Pros. "One of the most striking things about the terrorist attacks in Washington and New York was the outpouring of outstanding Internet coverage from ordinary citizens."

Survey: "Do you favor a multi-year land war in Asia in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the damage done to the Pentagon and the US financial system?"

Jacob Levy: "Everyone is talking about the events of Tuesday as if it's a single event. I'm afraid this could be very wrong."

Dan Gillmor: "I haven't seen anyone look truly happy in days, except some small children who are too young to understand why the rest of us are so grim. One very young boy ran through the terminal this afternoon. He was shrieking with evident joy. Maybe he was just delighted to be running on his little legs through this big new space. What kind of world will he inherit?"

Mike Donnelan: "If America cannot even eradicate homegrown terrorists like Tim McVeigh from our own soil, then isn't Bush's call to wipe out terrorism nothing more than feel-good rally rhetoric?"

Dan Gillmor called from the airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. He's trying to get back to the US. His next stop is Frankfurt.

Scripting News got a mention on this radio show in Canada.

12:06PM: Dave called from LA.

Rogers Cadenhead: "Tropical Storm Gabrielle moved into my area (St. Augustine, Florida) yesterday and knocked out our power for most of the night. It has been sitting on top of Daytona Beach all night, spawning floods and water spout tornados (we've had five warnings so far in my county). I have power now, but that may not last for long. This list could use an additional moderator, preferably on the West Coast, whose main task is to keep personal attacks and other strongly abusive behavior off the list. If you can help, send me mail."

AP: "Tropical Storm Gabrielle sloshed across Florida on Friday, knocking down trees and power lines, flooding roads and spinning off tornadoes on a course taking it into the Atlantic Ocean."

Jay Bryant: "You had asked the other day for photos of flags flying in front of homes. Here is my house in Plainsboro NJ with my dog Daisy."

Zeldman: "Tonight, for the first time since Tuesday, we were permitted to cross 14th Street."

Fray is running essays by people who were in NY on Tues.

NBC: "As Jeremy and Lyz debriefed each other, he was beginning to see the diabolical plan that he was not a hostage, he was strapped to a guided missile."

Jeff Kandt's survey: "In our pursuit of the terrorists and their accomplices, is it acceptable for the United States to kill innocent people?"

The Dalai Lama: "It may seem presumptuous on my part, but I personally believe we need to think seriously whether a violent action is the right thing to do and in the greater interest of the nation and people in the long run."

NY Times: "During the hour or so that American Airlines Flight 77 was under the control of hijackers, up to the moment it struck the west side of the Pentagon, military officials in a command center on the east side of the building were urgently talking to law enforcement and air traffic control officials about what to do."

Jerry Falwell: "I apologize."

London Times: "September 11 is a consequence of trying to impose world order, not a wake-up call to redouble the attempt. September 11 is a demonstration of what you can never achieve with armies, spies, coalitions, conferences and international muscle, not an argument for buying more."

Guardian: "Searching for parallels to help them understand what has happened and what they should do next, Americans cite Pearl Harbour. A better reference would be the Cuban missile crisis."

Dan Gillmor: "The exhaustion in the voice of the woman at the other end was evident."

Jake Savin: "The scenario that played out at the World Trade Center on Tuesday, was debated at length in the Airliners.Net discussion area, last November."

Michael Stern: NYC, Day 4.

Don Marti: "The SSSCA would outlaw the software that powers the independent Internet."

I started a new mail page.

A new global shortcut for UserLand-hosted Manila sites. If you type "usFlag" you'll get a small flag linked to a larger rendering.

Dave Jacobs' journey 

I spoke on the phone with my friend Dave Jacobs, who, due to a family emergency, is traveling from SF to Raleigh, NC, and then driving seven hours with a three hour ferry trip to Ocracoke, an island on the Outer Banks of NC. Murphy-willing, his trip will take him through Los Angeles, Dallas and Washington. Dave will see a lot of the US air system today. He says "There's an incredible sense of comraderie and calm at the airport, the lines at the ticket counters went out the door. There are hundreds and hundreds of people in the lines, but everyone is very calm, tearful eyes, everybody, a lot of talking among people of just how sad things are. Everyone has cellphones. Lots of families traveling with kids. I believe our air system is truly safe now, I'm traveling without any fear."

Dave called from LA and DC. He says that LA was very tense. Cops, army, everywhere. "Don't stand there sir, it makes us nervous," a cop said to Dave. The people he met in LA were the first wave from Asia, people who were stranded there. Lots of pilots. The Red Cross people are all in shock, many are crying. The flight attendants talk about people they knew who died. Obviously the DC airport is open (NPR is reporting otherwise) and quiet. Dave's journey continues, cellphones are great. I told him he has a lot of courage to do what he's doing, he's headed to a big mess in NC, but he's doing it for love.

Tech news 

Mozilla 0.9.4 is released.

Sjoerd: "Beyond JS is a Javascript library that lets you write Javascript unlike anything you've ever written."

Talking into the Web 

Yesterday I described a service I would like to use. Several readers sent pointers to services and products that claim to do this.

Proteron: Recording phone calls to MP3 files.

Harry Saal: "I user General Magic's Portico service. Incoming messages are accessible from their website (or by dialing in with a standard phone), and show up as RealAudio files. You said mp3's, but otherwise it provides exactly what you are describing."

DoTell enables you to "broadcast streaming audio messages on the Internet from any touch-tone telephone."

IWW: "We present here a fully interactive tool to publish your labor and anti-capitalist news."

Disclaimer: I am a capitalist.

Love Manila Month continues 

Except for Tuesday, we've been busily adding new features to Manila, and continue the work on Radio 7.1. We're doing it because we can.

A new slogan 

Imho, if you're a US-based developer, and your projects are moving forward, you're doing the right thing for your users, customers, yourself, and your country.

I'm going to modify one of my slogans for this occasion.

Keep diggin!


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