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Today's song: Crazy Fingers. For no other reason than it's a beautiful song. I wish Jerry were here. What would he say? I think he'd laugh. What a long strange trip it's been. It's still going on. "Life may be sweeter for this, I don't know. See how it feels in the end."  

Charles Cooper: When Blogging Came of Age. "All in all, Iíve revised my earlier views about the usefulness of blogging, moving full circle from my earlier position. Yes, there's still a lot of chaff out there, and it's the reader's responsibility to sift and choose. But in the best spirit of grassroots participation, these new information gatekeepers are helping to rewrite the rules."  

Deborah Branscum: Small-scale heroics. "If Silicon Valley couldn't supply brawn during a national disaster, it could supply bits--and companies large and small did so with a vengeance." 

Nick Denton: "The online news sites are useful for a quick check of breaking news, but I am looking for something more. And that I have been finding on weblogs. Some, such as and Dave Winer's, are well-established technology weblogs which have interrupted normal service to bring their take on the crisis." 

We're getting so much recognition. Thank you. Entertainment Weekly is out with a story about how the Web covered Time Zero, it's not on the Web, but they're discussing it on Metafilter. 

Perhaps it's worth a review. Here are the archives of SN from the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th

Doc: "What we're witnessing here is the exposure of an economic imperative that has been there since the Dawn of Trade, but which we have lately forgotten." 

Susan Kitchens: "Gee, for some reason, saying that today's the last day of summer sounds almost, well, apocalyptic." 

DaveNet: Time Zero? "The site of the tragedy is referred to as Ground Zero -- so then, is the moment Time Zero?" 

Steve Giovannetti: "Your 'Time Zero' comment brought the old movie Panic in the Year Zero right into my main brain register. Yeah it was a big time B movie but it is a classic. Any movie that puts Ray Milland and Frankie Avalon together in a post apocalypic LA can't be bad!, can it? Check it out and decide for yourself." 

Google query for Panic in Year Zero. 

Dvorak: The Web of Terror

Variety: Hollywood on High Alert

Julie Sirrs: A Visit to the Talibanís Foreign Troops

Hijacker's story: "Then at that moment somebody hit me on my head and caught my hand. I thought that the plane exploded. But I opened my eyes and saw people just kicking and beating me."  

John Robb: "Here is a novel idea. Why not pay Pakistan to take out the Taliban and bin Laden." 

Seybold stuff 

I changed the home page of the Seybold site to reflect the new charter. I'm psyched about the new topic. We want stories from publishers and production teams about how they are covering the terrorism, how they have changed as journalists, citizens and technologists. This is a great story. I'm sure we'll hear from lots of people. If you have a story to tell, help get things started by posting a message to the mail list.

Dan Gillmor: "My fundamental conviction in journalism these days has only been reinforced by the outrages of Sept. 11."

Thanks to Dan for kicking it off.

An email I sent to the speakers list for Seybold. Over 400 names, some incredibly powerful and influential people.

The new list of panelists is developing.

Here's your free pass to the Seybold session next Wedesday. It's a PDF, just print it out and bring it with you to Moscone.

Two new global shortcuts 

Two new shortcuts for UserLand-hosted Manila sites.

If you enter "thinkUsa" (include the quotes) in any page, you'll get the US flag with the word THINK! underneath.

If you enter "thinkUsaAlignRight" you'll get the same flag but it will be aligned to the right.

I think it's a beautifully simple graphic. It's the combination of love, strength and thought, which is the best of the USA.



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