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Orion Ramsey: "We put Braille on drive-up automatic teller machines." 

Information Week: "By early 1998, several attempts at an XML protocol for interprocess communication were made. Allaire Corp.'s Web Distributed Data Exchange (WDDX) was one independent attempt of note, but it was SOAP, developed by Dave Winer, CEO of Userland Software, Microsoft engineers Bob Atkinson and Mohsen Al-Ghosein, and Don Box, co-founder of DevelopMentor Incorporated, that was to become the basis for Web services." 

Reuters: "As great inventions go, e-mail had a rather ho-hum beginning back in 1971." 

BBC: Microsoft slammed for software costs

Register: Carnivore substitute keeps Feds honest

Brett Glass: "Society cannot function on constant high alert any more than an individual can function with a constant fever." 

Backend: "It seems a Manila-Newbies mailing list subscriber received a spam through the list and sent a report to SpamCop." It got worse. 

I watched CNN and MSNBC last night. They showed pictures of Americans lining up to buy gas masks. I don't see that happening anywhere around me. People are mostly doing what they do. I hope the rest of the world doesn't think people in the US are so scared. Three weeks of round-the-clock coverage is enough. It's time to start covering the news not through the lens of Sept 11. 

I really like the way things are going on the Syndication list. Mostly I've been lurking, but today I posted a pointer to an old site that's still running, the Top 100 channels subscribed to by Radio users. The same data is available in OPML

Subscribe to this list if you want during-the-day bulletins, little timely snips off the day's Scripting News. 

A musical surprise this morning. I selected all my David Bowie songs and right-clicked to play them in WinAmp, thinking it would be all Ziggy Stardust and Major Tom, but to my surprise, there's a conversation so I turn it up and listen. Bowie and Bing Crosby talking about Christmas, old tunes, and little boys. Then they sing The Little Drummer Boy. So beautiful. It's great to hear Christmas music in October (I won't feel that way next month, I'm sure). It's also beautiful to see younger and older people singing together, an American and a British person. Let's cross all the bridges.  

One more thing while I'm thinking of crossing bridges. As a US citizen, I'd like to thank the UK for supporting my country so consistently and enthusiastically. We like to kid each other, the Brits call us The Colonies, and we remind them who won the war (all of them) but that's in the past. Now the world is so much smaller. It's great that we have such good friends on the other side of the pond. 

Guardian: "Osama bin Laden was in Kabul last week." 

It's Tuesday and You Know What That Means. (Maybe you don't?) OK, it's a months-old Scripting News tradition to take a programmer to lunch every Tuesday. You could take a different one out every Tuesday, or if you have a favorite programmer you can favor that one. It's good for the programmer, one good meal a week and some fresh air. It's also good for the economy. Let's fill up our restaurants with good technical conversation. Ask your programmer friend what's up. How's it going? Got any new tricks. 

Apple still says that XML-RPC is the work of the W3C. If Microsoft got something like that wrong they'd change it within minutes and apologize for the mistake. We've been through that with them a dozen times. Mistakes happen. Not a big deal. Please fix the page. Thanks. 

JD Lasica: Don't try sharing these photos

Weblogs.Com corner-turn, Day 6 

Changes to changes.xml. Breakage!

Screen shot of a UserTalk script that reads changes.xml into the object database.

This XML file tells you what user-agents have been sending XML-RPC and SOAP messages to the new Weblogs.Com server. So far it's mostly Frontier and Radio. By publishing this, I hope to motivate developers working in other environments to create tools for people running weblogs.

There's a mail list for the Weblogs.Com work. Please send questions about this project to the list.

Comments about the future of and getting info from Weblogs.Com.


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