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BlogScript "uses the built in XML-RPC and AppleScript functions of Mac OS X.1 to post to Blogger powered sites." 

It should work with news-item-oriented Manila sites too.  

One of the joys of DirecTV is that you can watch The West Wing at 6PM, when it's playing on the east coast. Unfortunately I missed the start, so I have to wait until it's finished recording. I haven't figured out how to watch a show while it's recording. There must be a way but I'm just a newbie. 

I hoped for much more from Clay Shirky. He takes apart the proof-of-concepts at XMethods, and then explains how the BigCo's don't create open interfaces, and at the very end says "An interesting example of what a group of like-minded developers can do with Web Services is the Blogger, Manila, and Jabber collaboration, which is using XML-RPC. But.." But what -- we're working together? Clay, that's what it's about, developers working with developers.  

Clay's piece is more a rebuttal to other analyst's pieces about Web Services than it is about Web Services. If you want to know what I think is going on, check out the foreword I wrote for the O'Reilly book on XML-RPC. It is exciting, for the freedom it offers and the bridges it creates. It's not about the BigCo's and stock quote services or magic engines that figure out what you mean.  

Randy Lea: "I have been using the NIST web server to set my sytem time, doing it the hard way dealing with HTML. After I read the blogged info on the time/xmlrpc, I just created this little 8 line program to set my Win32 box's time/date." 

My Killer App for Radio's Right-Click Menu.  

Scoble and I had a great lunch today at Apple. And it's even better. They fixed the page. I feel like we just sunk the Golden Spike. Ack. And thanks! (No sarcasm.) 

Register: We'll fork the Web to keep it free

New Manila theme: Vanilla Manila 1999. It's available on UserLand-hosted Manila sites. 

Paul Boutin: "Wired is collecting Web sites whose content is posted either by people living in Afghanistan, or by recent expatriates." 

NY Times: "Stocks moved higher around midday today, as investors weighed the effects of the latest interest rate cuts by the Federal Reserve against another round of corporate profit warnings." 

Tim Jarrett: "I just started publishing to my Manila blog using Applescript on OS X 10.1 and the RPC interfaces. Blogging from TextEdit. It's a baby step." 

New verb for Frontier/Radio -- tcp.getCurrentTime -- calls a NIST server and gets the current date-time using RFC 868. It's easy, you can set the system clock in one line. 

That led to XML-RPC and SOAP 1.1 interfaces so that people working in scripting environments that don't have RFC 858 support can get their clocks synched with the NIST servers.  

XML-RPC: XML-RPC Interface for Current Time

SoapWare: SOAP 1.1 Interface for Current Time

Note: Two new domain names were added for this app, and The DNS changes were made earlier this morning and may not have percolated to your server. If so, for now, send the messages to, it's the same machine.  

Finally, I released a Frontier/Radio Tool that implements the Current Time server, as spec'd above. 

Mark Pilgrim: "Look, look, honey. I can use the most powerful worldwide network ever created to call one server in San Francisco using XML-RPC that calls another server at the National Institute of Standards using the RFC 868 protocol to get the current time. Isn't that amazing?" 

Announcing a Weblogger User Group in Silicon Valley. 

I started a new mail list for discussion among W3C members and independent developers who want to work on new formats and protocols with a simple rule that all participants disclaim any patents in the areas that the W3C is working.  

Head Lemur: "I see this RAND business as a coercion attempt on the part of private companies to subvert the work of the W3C and to control the web through license intimidation." 

WebReference: "Our latest version of HierMenus squashes a long-standing issue: namely, the dreaded DHTML memory leak in Internet Explorer. Take a look at the new code and learn how you can prevent IE from eating up memory in your own DHTML applications." 

Joshua Allen: "Many people think that Microsoft is an ivory tower where we ignore our customers."  


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