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AP: "Barry Bonds hit home run No. 70 Thursday night and tied Mark McGwire's record." 

Aaron Cope has an XSL rendering of changes.xml

Kottke: "I want my innocence back, but I don't think that's going to happen." 

AP: Text of Evidence Against bin Laden

More email saying that the eruption of the patent issue in the W3C is over WSDL. If so, skip the IDL stuff, write sample code, docs, and hone your interfaces so they're super-lean. And by the way, in case it's not totally obvious, there are no royalties for using or patents on XML-RPC.  

Remember the poor schmuck who had his picture taken on top of the WTC? Well, it's even worse than it appeared.  

If you're still laughing and want more, check this out

Register: "Sources familiar with the W3C's patent policy have confirmed that demands for the standards body to adopt RAND licensing were initiated by IBM." 

Interesting people are discovering Tim Jarrett's glue connecting Manila and AppleScript. In two years most Mac apps used in working on websites will be able to connect to CMS's through XML-RPC. The Big Three: BBEdit, Dreamweaver and Photoshop.  

KarachiCam: "The first and only webcam in Pakistan." 

BBC: "A chartered Russian airliner en route from Tel Aviv to the Siberian city of Novosibirsk has exploded over the Black Sea with about 77 people on board." 

LiveJournal takes the plunge. A new friend for XML-RPC. 

NY Times: "The Internet's success on Sept. 11 could largely be attributed to the fact that nobody attacked it." Correct. 

Link-rot note. I point to the NY Times so frequently partially because they have been good at maintaining archives. Perhaps that's no longer true. Yesterday I wanted to re-read Clay Shirky's op-ed piece that appeared in the Times last summer. Clicked on the link. 404 Not Found. Ooops.  

Surely the editorial people at the Times understand the value of keeping the record intact over the years. When I grew up in NY I used to spend winter weekend afternoons at the public library scrolling through the Times on microfilm. I don't recall paying any money for this. I cared, as a kid, what people of the day thought of the events that were happening around them. I watched WWII start. I learned about Jackie Robinson, The Army-McCarthy hearings and Fiorello LaGuardia. Now if links don't even last a year, what am I supposed to do? Oy. 

Rogers Cadenhead: "We've had a Tivo for more than a year. My 2-year-old uses it to watch commercials he likes over and over again. He doesn't understand why no one else's TV works that way." 

Dori Smith on patents in the W3C. "You've got the 800 pound gorilla at the table now. Is the best approach to kick him out, or to try to work with him?" 

I wrote my position paper on patents and the W3C on Sunday. Patents in standards are like terrorism. You can't give an inch. To answer Dori's question, flip it around. Let's create a table where software patents are off-topic. Let's do the legal work to get a court decision about their constitutionality. Patents are opposite the spirit of the Web, which is built on freely shared formats and protocols. You can't be partially open, it's all or nothing, imho. 

Capsule review. Last night's West Wing was worse than a CNN town meeting. What a load of crap. I cringed 18 times and then fell asleep. Looking forward to the season premiere next week. I wish they had run it instead. I'm fed up with all the depressed people hogging the airwaves. Let's move on, write some code, make some love, eat good food, we've still got a lot to do. Terrorism sucks. Racism sucks. Let's create beauty together. The West Wing at its best is very good. Yesterday was very bad West Wing. 

FWIW, they probably wrote the script two weeks ago. In that context it makes sense. In today's context, running the fantasy, the season premiere, would have been much more satisfying. In that sense last night's WW was good art, it was an anachronism, and provides some clue as to how fast things are moving now. Popular culture of two weeks ago is already out of date 

One year ago today: "Mariners fans delight in beating the White Sox two games in a row. A hollow victory. If you beat a team with no philosophy, what have you actually won?" 


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