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Survey: "One man in Florida is dead. Another was found to have anthrax in his nose. They worked in the same office. Stevens lived within a mile of an airport that one of the Sept 11 terrorists flew out of. Is this a coincidence or terrorism?" 

On September 11, my mother, Eve Winer, watched the destruction of the World Trade Center from a Brooklyn school where she teaches. Here are six of the pictures.  

I just spent a few minutes reading the archive of Scripting News for September 11. It's good to have a record of the events as they happened. Confused people wanted to know what happened. The flow was awesome. Weblogs are good for confusing uncoordinated events where different points of view add up to a complete picture. Now we have a better idea of what we can do. I hope we can apply that to building a more powerful network so that if news gets out of control like that again we can respond more quickly, thoroughly and accurately. 

Ptypes weblog: "Noam Chomsky has an obsessive-compulsive personality: Rigid, distorted, delusional, dichotomous thinking based on a tremendous amount of repressed anger projected as gnostic hatred of the 'Demiurge.'" Glad someone else said that. 

Andrew Orlowski: "If that sounds confusing, we half suspect it's because it's supposed to be." 

AP: Limbaugh Tells Listeners He's Deaf

Ted Nelson: "The four walls of paper are like a prison because every idea wants to spring out in all directions.  

Interesting cartoon. Kazakhstan has been trying to figure out how to build a pipeline across Afghanistan. Huge gas reserves. Land-locked.  

Marketplace.Org: Crude Awakenings. "What if Afghanistan was stabilized?" 

Here's a nice map of Central Asia courtesy the Sitara Group of Companies, Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Steve Lohr: "So the new economy was not so new after all. But the technology still matters as it always has." Amen. 

Andy Sylvester: Rules in Radio UserLand

AP: "Anthrax bacteria have been detected in the nasal passage of a co-worker of the man who died last week from the disease, health officials said Monday. The building where both worked was closed after the bacteria also were detected there." 

AppleScript Sourcebook: "Despite all the excitement about the new AppleScript Studio, support for SOAP and XML-RPC may ultimately prove to be the more revolutionary new feature of Mac OS X 10.1." 

New XML-RPC implementation for Cold Fusion. #49

Believe it or not there are people living today who write without a computer. 

Lying bastards 

Lance Knobel: "Why is this lying bastard lying to me?"

Privately, economy gurus are telling their friends that we're headed for a deep and long recession. Publicly they're gushing optimistically about how strong the economy is and how it's headed for a quick recovery.

John Robb: "I would rather think that the positive comments aren't for cynnical reasons but rather are meant in the best interest of getting people to act normal again."

Baseball and philosophy 

One year ago today I asked if the Mariners have a philosophy.

Baseball is one of those things you can afford to be an asshole about, imho. It's a mystical pastime. All-American mysticism. In what other endeavor could it possibly matter that you willfully destroyed your own shrine?

Anyway, this year my beloved Mets are not playing in the post-season. That's good. Expect a solid ship for Radio 7.1.

Mets fans take the long-term view. For a good many years our opening day motto was "Wait Till Next Year."

That's part of the philosophical lifestyle.

We also have a well-developed sense of humor that's passed down through the generations. On the subway last year after losing the World Series to the Yankees in five games, I said to a young man who was in tears because the Mets had come so far only to lose to the most despicable foe imaginable, "Get used to it young man, if you want to be a Mets fan, you're going to be doing a lot of that."

Final 2001 standings: National League, American League.

Of course the American League is not a "real" league.


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