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AP: "In Nevada, the FBI was investigating a letter sent from Malaysia to a Microsoft office in Reno to determine whether it contained anthrax." 

Kevin Lippert update at 4:45PM: "The contents of the letter to Judith Miller, the Times reporter, was a threat against the Sears Tower, and postmarked Florida. The Times has now instructed everyone not to open any mail, and to pull out anything with a Florida postmark." 

See below for morning anthrax reports. 

AP: "'When you start reading a blog you immediately think, 'I want to do this, too.'"  

Introducing: Mac.Scripting.Com. Welcome! 

Apple's statement on W3C patent policy. 

eWeek: "The W3C's patent policy working group will consider granting exemptions to open source developers so that they could avoid paying royalty fees on patented technologies accepted as W3C standards, said Daniel Weitzner, the working group's chairman." Outrageous. 

On the XML-DEV list I posted: "If open source is to be granted some kind of exception, then that exception must also apply to independent commercial developers, especially those who invent non-patented new art that others may freely use in their software." 

I wonder what Kevin Rivette would do if someone had patented the idea of an article for a tech pub that kissed the butts of BigCo's that advertise in the pub. Think it's ridiculous? It is. And the software patents we're arguing about are just as ridiculous.  

Iowa is getting Scobelized

They're discussing my suggestion for Sun re XML-RPC and SOAP at the Java Lobby. 

NY Times: "The MobileStar Network Corporation, a driving force in offering wireless Internet access in public places, said yesterday that it had laid off its entire work force and would sell its assets if it could not find a buyer to continue its service." MobileStar runs the Internet service at Starbuck's. 

BBC: "The United Nations and its Secretary General, Kofi Annan, have been awarded the centenary Nobel Peace Prize." 

Wired: "According to analysis of SirCam's code, every year on Oct. 16 the worm will delete all the files and folders contained on the hard drives of randomly selected SirCam-infected computers." 

Register: The World Will End Tomorrow. Whew! 

Anthrax in NYC 

Kevin Lippert: "My wife works at the New York Times and just called. An investigative reporter opened an envelope and some black powder apparently sprayed out. The police and FBI are on site and testing for anthrax, in the meantime the street is sealed off and no on can leave the building. The rumor at the Times is that a similar envelope was received at NBC, where a NY employee just tested positive for anthrax (this is on the wires)."

Lippert writes an architecture weblog at UserLand.

Update: "The NBC employee is rumored to be Tom Brokaw's assistant who opened mail addressed to the NBC anchor."

"The envelope, which contained white powder, not black, was on the third floor, and, if it is anthrax, should not pose a hazard to anyone who did not come directly in contact with it, so everyone is free to go home. The Times is offering to swab anyone who wants, but more for peace of mind than any feared risk.

"But get this: I hear that the powder at NBC arrived 10 days ago, was tested at the time, and came up negative. The woman who opened the envelope was tested a second time, negatively, a few days ago, and finally tested positive today. Sounds like the test isn't so conclusive, or that there's a an undetectable latency period."

MSNBC: "Word of the fourth recent case of anthrax in the United States came in a memo from top NBC executives Robert Wright and Andrew Lack and said the employee was being treated with antibiotics and was expected to make a full recovery."

AP: NBC Worker Tests Positive for Anthrax.

Anthrax in NYC. MSNBC reports, on front page, but no link available yet, according to Bloomberg it's an NBC reporter at 30 Rockefeller Center.

Survey: "Will October 12 be like September 11?"

Intense thought. They're going after the people who can most effectively spread the most fear. Also making it difficult for other stories to get coverage. So they're going after the people of journalism first. Is the technology next?


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