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Kevin Werbach on post-modern knowledge management. He left out the most powerful human-oriented knowledge management tool of them all -- outliners.  

A beautiful poem about the US, by Cheryl Sawyer, a professor at University of Houston. 

Ben Hammersly has a Perl script that pings Weblogs.Com. 

News.Com: "A bug in the code of the SirCam worm has prevented the malicious program from reactivating its payload, which would have deleted files on infected PCs Tuesday, according to antivirus company Sophos." 

USPTO: Patent 6,304,886.  

1/28/95: What is AutoWeb? "Instead of flowing text to a printer, we flow it to the web. Same process, different result. Writers write. They're happy with their Macs. The scripts hide all the arcane-ness of Unix. Want to put a new article on the web? Write it with a text editor. Drop it in a folder. A few minutes later it's linked to your home page. It really can be that simple." 

Muqtedar Khan: "Muslims, including American Muslims have been practicing hypocrisy on a grand scale." 

Well it looks like my Call for Endorsements for XML-RPC was a spectacular failure. I've got to figure out how to do this better. I want to get formal on-the-record statements from technology leaders on how much they love XML-RPC and want to help it be even more successful. How can I sweeten the deal so people actually get the press release to come out the other end? 

Rob Malone: "Thought you might find this site interesting. It allows you to predict what someone is like in bed, just by looking at them. As well as a bit of fun, it also has a scientific purpose. The data collected is being analysed for statistical relevance." 

Brent Simmons: "In OS X 10.1, Apple has added a new optional Script Menu. It's like OSA Menu for the Classic OS, except that it doesn't know how to run Frontier scripts. Luckily, it's pretty easy to run Frontier scripts anyway." 

Brent is mirroring his weblog to Apple's server.  

According to Pat Thoyts, TclSOAP also supports XML-RPC. 

Congrats to Mariners fans on their victory last night, and to A's fans everywhere, there's always next year. One more thing, I hate the Yankees. 

Last year on this day the Mets won the National League Championship. That would be as far as they would get in Y2K. It's no shame to win the only league that Really Counts.  

A list of gender-related DaveNet pieces going back to 1994. 

Even the RIAA is not evil 

On Saturday I said "I have a problem with the word evil being used by mortal human beings to describe other humans." Then I heard about the RIAA plan to infect computer users with a virus that deletes all the MP3s on our computers. I almost wrote a bit to ask Osama bin Laden to please target their homes in the next round of terrorism. I caught myself. "Better sleep on this."

What they're doing is pathetic, not evil. The evil is within me, for wanting to strike at them for their sad state. Much better approach. Make a pledge to not buy any music until they reinstate Napster, in all its glory. I'm good at keeping those kinds of pledges. So that's what I'll do. I hope you join me. Cut off their air supply. No industry has ever deserved it more.

BTW, Mickey Capp, a retired Warner exec, asked me for advice on how to do this virus, about a year ago. I told him to fuck off. I never believed they'd actually try it. What a loser.

Hezbollah and infrastructure 

I saw a bit on 60 Minutes or MSNBC or CNN, I don't remember where, about the Hezbollah-controlled section of Beirut. They showed picture of a busy city street, with cars and shops and just like shopping streets in the US, they have civic-minded signs on their street lights. In the US, our signs say things like Noel, or Peace on Earth, which is disgusting commercialism of noble thoughts. It's supposed to inspire you to buy more gifts for your family members. In Beirut they have pictures of martyrs, young men who strapped explosives on their bodies and blew themselves up to kill other people. Even more disgusting than our street signs in commercial districts. How they exploit their young men and their wives and children. That was the subtext of the video essay.

Now, what surprised me is that the Hezbollah has infrastructure. That's weird. Once they have infrastructure, stores, cars, commerce, they can't support the destruction of our infrastructure. It's almost mathematical. The proper response to every destroyed bit of western infrastructure is to return the favor and destroy some of theirs. I know we have more, they'll be living in caves before we are, but they gotta stop and think a little bit. I didn't know they love the same comforts that we do. I've been buying more luxurious food when I go shopping these days. Appreciating the gifts of our civilization as I fear losing them. Now I see that they must have the same fear. Be warned, we can launch terrorist attacks too, if you have infrastructure for us to target. Or you can join us in support of civilization. You can listen, find out what the US is really like, understand that we love each other as you love your country and fellow citizens. We may have more in common than you think.


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