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DaveNet: Wired's Tech Renegade for 2001

Kanan Makiya: "Arabs and Muslims need today to face up to the fact that their resentment at America has long since become unmoored from any rational underpinnings it might once have had." 

Paul Boutin: "The notable blogger-clustering was funny to watch last night." 

I was interviewed on KGO at 4:38PM. It was fun! 

Amy Wohl: Could Blogging Assist KM? 

BBC: "BBC Arabic Online has been named as the best Arab language website for the second year running." 

Brad Templeton explains, with a prototype, why Larry Ellison's identity card idea might not be very good. 

CNN: "Attention Taliban! You are condemned." 

XML.Com: "SOAP 1.1 has become a de facto standard, with broad industry support from many vendors, large and small." 

What is Photoshop Tennis? "One player emails a Photoshop document to the other containing a single layer. Each player progressively adds a layer until the match is over, either by time, withdrawal or mutual consent. A guest adds comments in real time and the people watching vote for a winner."  

Just got an email from Scoble. He has arrived in Maine, of all places. Looks like a nice spot

BBC: "The Government in Kenya says it has confirmed a case of anthrax exposure from a contaminated letter - the first such case outside the United States in the 11 September terror attacks." 

Jay Allen has "photos from the first Bay Area Weblogger User Group (or whatever it shall be named) meeting on October 16th, 2001 in Mountain View." 

I sent a message to Microsoft PR that we could make hay with the award SOAP won last night. Alas, no surprise, they're in PR Hell right now with the Windows XP rollout. I want Microsoft to market developer freedom. They have a new developer czar, btw, Eric Rudder. I know Eric. We butted heads over Java in 1997. He was on Bill Gates' staff at the time, researching privacy technology. We talked then about what they're doing now with Passport and Hailstorm. A long time in planning. He's a smart guy, I could work with him, but we're going to have the same argument now that we had in 1997. Relax about Sun, trust developers more, be a little bit more vulnerable, and the rewards for Microsoft will be huge. 

News.Com: "Some writers ask me, 'So, what is .Net?' And I say, 'Hey, you're talking to the wrong guy."  

MSNBC launches a site in Arabic. Smart. 

Wired press release on the awards. 

A very cool web app from Tobi Schaefer. 

Christian Riege: "I'm constantly on the lookout for seeing real benefits of SOAP over XML-RPC." 

CapnRPC is an "XML-RPC client written in PLT's MzScheme/MrEd version of Scheme by Pete Hopkins." 

Russ Mitchell: "It started as a crusade for free source code. Linux zealots turned it into a full-frontal assault on Microsoft." 

My acceptance speech 

I promised I wouldn't gloat.

Last night, a great party, even better because I won!

You know it's funny, to me SOAP still seems a struggle to gain recognition. I say to people "You should care about this," but in my heart, I'm sure they don't. Every step of the way, starting with Bob Atkinson's response to my 1998 DaveNet piece, was a surprise. That Microsoft wanted to work with us on this was a surprise. That they didn't crush us when we forked XML-RPC was a surprise. Every step has been a surprise. Steve Gillmor, Dan's brother, said to me not long ago "Everyone but you knows it's a winner." True to style I asked "What do you mean?" Some days there's no denial. I won. I am a winner. What does that mean? I don't know!

Wired: "Mavericks, geniuses, and intellectual outlaws. A person whose ideas are changing the world."

Thanks to Paul Boutin at Wired for nominating me. Thanks to Bob Atkinson, Mohsen Al-Ghosein, Andrew Layman, Keith Ballinger, John Montgomery, Charles Fitzgerald, and all the people at Microsoft who worked on SOAP. Thanks to Don Box. Thanks to the W3C for XML. Thanks to all the sweet people at Wired who knew I had won and treated me like a king last night. Thanks to Jake Savin for his great work on behalf of UserLand on SOAP interop. (That's what it's about, btw.)

And a big hearty thank you -- to you! Wired nominated, but the people voted. See the Vote4Me link to the left. Thanks to all of you who clicked on that link and gave me your support.

Let's do more cool stuff for developer freedom, and don't forget Let's Have Fun!

My friends 

Last night was also a time to see old friends I hadn't seen in a long time, and to make some new friends.

It was great to see Chris Nolan and Lisa Rein. Chris introduced me to Daniel Weitzner, the lead of the W3C patent working group. We had a long talk and found that we were in agreement on 90 percent of the issues in front of the W3C and the BigCo patents. I had seen John Gilmore on Sunday and he told me I should talk with Daniel. John was right about that.

I talked a lot with Evan Williams of Blogger. I really like Evan, I was rooting for him to win his category. In the midst of all the pomp and circumstance, I felt like of all the people there, Evan understands best what we're doing, because he's doing the same thing, in a different way.


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