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DaveNet: You're free to think

Mike Dill: "Hello, I have a VB app in which I'm using Jan Sijm's Com implementation of XML-RPC to send data to my Perl XML-RPC server." 

Paul Thurrott: "The settlement is a travesty of justice that leaves an illegal monopoly in a position of power, enabling Microsoft to continue harming competitors, partners, and even customers." 

A song Jews use to sing in concentration camps: "Die Gedanken sind frei. Kan niemand erwissen." Thoughts are free, no one can know them. No hunter can shoot them. Thanks to Sylvia Paull for sending this simple thought. "My mom said that the SS would shoot people who sang this song out loud." 

BBC: "Microsoft has given up its fight to uphold an antitrust settlement agreed with the US government after six US states rejected the deal." Wow. 

It gets weirder. Now the BBC article has changed its headline and lead paragraph. "Microsoft's struggle to uphold an antitrust settlement agreed with the US government has been given a last-minute breakthrough after nine US states have declared their willingness to settle." 

Jrobb's theory -- which I think is correct. "Microsoft was just signalling to the government that if it wanted this deal, it would have to put pressure on the states in a 'special' closed door briefing where the anti-terrorist details of the deal were discussed. Everyone will have to sign NDAs out the wazoo on pain of death. They went after the fence sitters first. The rest will cave soon." 

Dan Gillmor examines the morality of the Microsoft-US deal. That's boring and old Dan. Look for the sleight of hand. 

NY Times: "A final group — including California, Massachusetts and Connecticut, states with high concentrations of technology companies and large economic stakes in the outcome — is preparing to challenge the agreement, saying it leaves loopholes that would undermine provisions intended to promote competition." 

AP: World Economic Forum to move 2002 meeting. "An annual gathering of the world’s business and government elite, increasingly beset by protesters in its Alpine retreat, will be held in New York next year, officials said Tuesday." 

AP: "Major league baseball owners voted on Tuesday to eliminate two yet-to-be-named teams from their 30-clubs in a bid to weed out money-losing franchises that drag on the revenues of more successful ones." OK, if you had a vote, which teams would you dump? 

Yankees.Com: "One day later, the pain remains the same. The dull, aching sensation hasn't subsided for the Yankees. They know how close they came to winning it all. More to the point, they know how much work it took to get there." Oh get over yourselves. No one cares. 

Blogaholic quiz: "You are a dedicated weblogger. You post frequently because you enjoy weblogging a lot, yet you still manage to have a social life. You're the best kind of weblogger. Way to go!" 

Want to know who else got that result? 

Will Conant: "The Mind Electric's implementation of SOAP is far better than Sun's implementation of RMI." 

Kimbro Staken: "The current multi-language access mechanism for dbXML is CORBA, which is to put it mildly, way too complex for most people." 

StopPoliceWare.Org: "The law would force all new personal computers and digital home entertainment devices sold in the United States to have government-approved 'policeware' built-in." 

Results from yesterday's survey. 6% support the consent decree. 89% feel it doesn't go far enough. 3% think Microsoft didn't break the law. 

Survey: "Assuming there was an under-the-table deal between Microsoft and the Bush Administration, what do you think MS promised in return for being given control of the Internet in the consent decree?" 

James Gosling: "I do recommend SOAP to developers, but in an odd way." 

Reuters: Sun May Sue Microsoft. That's not really news, I guess. Sun won't meet Microsoft in the market, let's go to court they say. Heh. How about doing something different, like fully embracing developer freedom, not in an odd way. 

Aaron Swarz is blogging soundbites from the O'Reilly P2P conf in DC. He calls it a meme factory. They added Web Services this time, getting a boost from BigCo marketing budgets. Meg says the people are bright. No doubt.  


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