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Chris Ashley: Weblogging, another kind of website

Hillary Rosen: "I get it! I get it!" 

Dori Smith: "Not just yes, but hell yes." 

Craig Burton has a new gig. Mazel tov! 

Adam Curry: "Quincy Jones is the epitome of the American Dream." 

Jason Balinski: "That pancake you show isn't bad, but if you're ever in Michigan, you have to go to The Pantry. It's in Warren, just north of Detroit. They have several different types of specialty pancakes, but the big one is called a German Pancake. Trust me, if you love pancakes, you'll go nuts for this place." 

Glenn Fleishman has connected Greymatter (a Perl app) to Weblogs.Com through HTTP.  

John Robb: How to Build a Knowledge Network

John is UserLand's COO -- and describes software that we're building at UserLand.  

Here's a bit of magic. Late last night Mike Dill posted a message asking for help integrating Perl and Visual Basic using XML-RPC. I had never met him but it sounded like he knows what he's doing so I linked to his question. Overnight he got three solid responses from other people who know what they're doing. People wonder how we get this stuff working. This is how. Developers are generous people and like to help each other. This may be a foreign concept to analysts and reporters and execs at BigCo's, but in fact this is how we build systems -- by pitching in and helping each other.  

Sidebar: Note that no one asked Mike if his code was open source or if his underwear is clean. And that's as it should be. Open source code doesn't help when there are patents, companies with billions of dollars in reserve, monopolies, and governments that are scared of technology and their own citizens. And don't forget the RIAA who thinks infecting our computers with viruses is good for business. And Disney who wants to put policeware on our computers. Hard-working and honest developers, like most other creative people, just want to make a decent living doing what they love, and share it freely (but not for free). Hey we're still working hard, still trying to make enough money to keep the doors open. Believe it or not, it's easier now than it was in the boom times because all the looney tune ideas are flushed out and people don't seem to have a problem when you charge for something that costs money to make. 

Happy blog birthday to Brent and Sheila. Both are two years old today. 

Next time I'm driving through Iowa I gotta remember to check out the Grove Cafe. Look at the size of that pancake. Looks tasty. I love a good pancake. 

Last night I was working on the Prefs system for Radio 7.1, and needed a strong warning and was feeling silly so I wrote: "Themes really fuck with your website. You can change the look very quickly. Use these motherfuckers with care." I'm saying this publicly so our beta testers will be able to talk about it on their blogs without violating their NDAs. They were quite impressed. I cited Richard Pryor as prior art. Hey that's a homonym. What do you know. 

I gotta admit, in the 60s and 70s when all kinds of black people starting using words like motherfucker, it scared me. I was just a kid then so what did I know. This morning I heard an interview with Quincy Jones, a famous musician who (I didn't know this) grew up with Ray Charles and has done all kinds of great music, much of it very famous and commercial. Music for movies and Michael Jackson, I bet Adam Curry has met him. He's black, and talked about problems he had with white producers. Now I get something I didn't get then. It's OK to use a "bad" word, even a lot like Pryor does. It's not scary, it's funny. Pryor calls his washing machine a motherfucker. It's just a funny word, like fart or whatever. Not a big deal. He makes fun of white people. Hey that's OK. We're pretty funny when you look at it from his pov. 

Lance Knobel: "The isolated village in the mountains is an intrinsic part of Davos's character and success. I wouldn't have kvetched if it had been some other mountain fastness, but Manhattan is about as far from that as it would be possible to get on Earth." 

I agree with Lance. Davos takes you very far out of the normal daily thing. Conferences in big cities like NY are much more diluted. I love NY, but it ain't no Davos. However if they invite me (doubtful) I will go, no matter where it is. 

JD Lasica was interviewed by the Sacramento Bee about Weblogs. 

Last year this day was the beginning of the crazy post-election period in the US. 


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