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Survey: "Was the crash in NY today an act of terrorism?" 

Survey: Do you think we'll have an airline industry in the US in a few months? 

Name withheld: "Another scary terrorist vector to think about: I was driving back to LA from SF on the 5 and noticed that the CA aqueduct flows right underneath the highway at least 3 times. What happens if someone dumps radioactive waste into this thing? Or the Colorado river? Two or three well planned dumps could potentially decimate the entire CA water supply. There should be armed guards patrolling these water systems esp when they are exposed to major throughways. I can tell you from my last two drive-bys that there is no one out there protecting us." 

Simon Fell: PocketSOAP 1.1

Are flight recorders obsolete? Why not have an HTTP connection from the plane to a static server somewhere very far away. Stream the flight recorder data to the server on the ground. Then when a plane crashes, no need to hunt. Something like a weblog for each plane in our skies. As an bonus they could offer net connections to 802.11b laptop-using passengers.  

From NTSB via NPR, they've recovered the flight recorder. 

John Robb: "A bomb put into a wing fuel tank would accomplish pretty much what happened." 

10/29/01: "Wireless-technology company Qualcomm is working on a satellite-based system that would be able to broadcast real-time jetliner cockpit conversations, flight data and video of passengers to controllers on the ground." 

Doc uses his mind: "If you're sitting in a swamp on Rockaway Bay behind a duck blind wth a Stinger shoulder-held anti-aircraft missle launcher, an Airbus is a mighty big duck. You don't even have to aim very well. Your Stinger is a heat-seeking missle. It goes for an engine." 

Mapquest photo of the Rockaway neighborhood. 

Annova: "At this point, there's no indication of a terrorist attack, but it certainly can't be ruled out in the current environment." 

MSNBC: "At least four homes were ablaze Monday after an American Airlines 767 aircraft crashed near the heavily populated Rockaway Beach area of New York City, not far from John F. Kennedy International Airport, NBC News reported on Monday. The Airbus-300, Flight 587, was heading to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic." 

The plane crashed into Beach 130th Street in Rockaway. I know the area. My grandparents lived on Beach 146th. That's the neighborhood my mother grew up in. I was just there with my mother and uncle in August. "All circuits are busy now. Please try your call later. 090T." 

Chuck Newman: "I can see the smoke from my office." 

Here's a map of the crash area. 

Reports: AP, CNN, BBC. "The Dow index dropped 200 points on hearing the news." 

WSJ: "How bad is the mood going into the Comdex computer trade show this year? So bad that one of the show’s organizers actually called drug company Eli Lilly & Co., maker of the antidepressant Prozac, to see if the Indianapolis company wanted to sponsor the event." 

Dan Gillmor is in Malaysia. Watch out when Dan leaves the country. He was in Africa on Sept 11. Heh. 

Tobi Schaefer asks a big question about Blogger.  

Happy birthday to Chris Locke! 

This picture is probably only of interest to me and Evan Williams and a handful of other people. Back in August I was able to connect the outliner in Radio with Blogger using its XML-RPC interface. It's futuristic. Someday, imho, most people will edit their weblogs in outliners. 

Last night I did probably the last step in the Weblogs.Com corner-turn. I got the favorites-based desktop version of Weblogs.Com working in the beta of Radio 7.1 (not released yet). It was a pretty smooth transition. I expect that other people will do similar interfaces in Python, Java, Perl, etc. The key to performance is distributing the prefs-based stuff, and store and render-through-favorites on the local computer where there's plenty of unused CPU bandwidth. And a note to designers who are starting to love XML, check it out, a very simple XML feed is behind this useful interface. 

Now's a good time to pitch the Tuesday Lunch With A Programmer concept. (Or meme, as Chris is sure to remind me.) Designers, find a programmer and go to lunch tomorrow. You pay. Ask the programmer to explain how Weblogs.Com works. Since you're paying you can ask for more info, until it makes sense. It's a bootstrap. Once we get great interfaces accessing Weblogs.Com in all environments we can add more services. This is how we build a user base. Now, is there money in it? Only if the Web starts attracting investment again. But that, slowly but surely is a bootstrap as well. One step at a time. 

The Cluetrain mail list is filled with talk of blogging

Mark Pilgrim: "Jakob is off his mobile-phones-are-gonna-be-the-wave-of-the-future-any-day-now kick, as well as his micropayments-are-gonna-be-the-wave-of-the-future-any-day-now kick, and back to his bread and butter: kicking websites when they're down." 

AP: A vote-by-vote review of untallied ballots in the 2000 Florida presidential election indicates George W. Bush would have narrowly prevailed in the partial recounts sought by Al Gore, but Gore might have reversed the outcome - by the barest of margins - had he pursued and gained a complete statewide recount.  

Macscripter.Net: XML-RPC support for

Let's hope Uncle Osama likes Windows XP. 


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