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Last July I gave a talk at the Burton Catalyst Conference on Web Services. They just sent an MP3 of the talk. Haven't listened to it yet. Let me know what you think. Here's a DaveNet piece I wrote about the conference. 

Steve Gershik: "That's it. I've read enough of Dave's web site. I am now officially a disciple." Heh, look at the url. 

Hey, it's even worse than it appears. An interview I did with CMSWatch just went live.. 

CMSWatch: The Case for Personal Web Publishing. "A smart company wants to have an employee who's immersed in the rest of the world. The worst thing you can have from the point of view of the management of a company is people who are basically churning your dollars on their own political infighting or whatever's going on inside your culture -- they're not making you any money by doing that." 

SD Times: "Critics are claiming pieces of the spec remain unfit for deployment, and complain that a uniform, Java way of creating and consuming Web services still is not baked into the platform." 

John Robb sticks his neck out. "I hope I am wrong. If I am not, you heard it here first." 

Luke Tymowski sends a pointer to frogware's weblog, a site he started in 1997. It's great to hear about corporations that are using a weblog to keep themselves informed and to attract new customers through the Web. 

W3C: XML Protocol Usage Scenarios

Jason Levine: "Granted, web-based apps aren't right for everything, but they're perfect for a huge chunk of the things that people need to do on computers these days." 

Heard on NPR: "The only difference between a poor man and a rich man is that a rich man suffers comfortably and a poor man suffers uncomfortably." 

The Prince de Ligne: "Money may not buy happiness. But it's nicer to cry in the back seat of a Rolls Royce than a Volkswagen." 

On a lighter note, what ever became of 

Computerworld: "On any given day, between 100,000 and 150,000 visitors crowd into Walt Disney World in Florida, largely unaware that the 47-square-mile theme park is almost completely enveloped by an invisible wireless Web." 

Bruce Epstein: "Earlier this year he was a middleware programmer integrating PCs and mainframes. Today, he was pumping gas to pay the rent." 

Hypercard + MORE == ??? 

I've been doing some pretty deep programming the last four-five days. I finally had enough with the way we do prefs. I've always wanted to integrate docs and prefs-setting. The two activities belong in the same place. Why should I have to jump into a help system to find out what the control does. When I'm writing the explanatory text why should I have to use a resource editor. I want all the text in one document, with search and replace, expand and collapse, etc. For the user I want the docs and the prefs to be in the same place. It works now, I'm using it, and it's quite simple and feels natural both as a programmer and a writer. And there's a prior art context that may be hard to explain. I'm going to try anyway.

What if you took Hypercard and MORE and merged them. That's where I am working right now. We had all the basic ingredients in 1986. It just took fifteen years to get them working in the same place. And we had to learn how HTML and HTTP work. It's conceivable all this could have come together a long time ago. But that's how software is sometimes.

As usual if you stare at a screen shot you can learn a lot about where we're going.

Calling all bloggers! 

Doc has become the blogger's pied piper. He says Clay Shirky should have a blog. Let's go Clay. Amy Wohl has a new blog now. She thinks the Harry Potter movie is fine. An up-thumb from Amy. Doc, when you get a chance, please ping Paul Andrews. It's been a while since we've heard from him. There have been Andrews-sightings in the Bay Area but why no blog posts? Don't look now it's the Blogfathers. But are they fairies? Surely someone must know who drives the Wienermobile. Hey Doc is also turning into the blogger's reminder service. He calls on Craig and Craig stands up. Mike Donnelan chimes in. Blog blog blog blog blog. What does all this amount to? Damned if I know.


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