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The rollup of Frontier 7.1 continues. Today, the changes in Manila for 7.1. Manila, as you may know, is our browser-based content management system. A new feature for Manila, released today, should make Bryan Bell happy. 

Susan Kitchens: Interview with Taliban Singles Online image creator

Tim O'Reilly: "Next week, on December 3 and 4, the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center is hosting a symposium to honor the ten year anniversary of the web in the US." 

The Weekly Standard: "Anyone with an average IQ and an Internet connection can perform the kind of legal research necessary to reach a minimally creditable judgment about the constitutional character of the Bush administration's anti-terrorism campaign. But a job like this takes more time and mental effort than most of us prefer to expend. So we have come to depend on professional journalists and politicians to do the bulk of it for us. Which is fine -- as long as they're actually doing it." 

NY Times: "Librarians' assertion of the principle of confidentiality may seem trivial to some people compared with similar stands by, say, doctors or priests. But librarians take it very seriously so seriously that in most libraries nowadays, once a book is returned, the record of who checked it out is expunged. Forty-eight states have laws that protect the privacy of library patrons." 

John Robb: Decentralized Teams and K-Logs

Doug is doing a review of the docs for Tools. We've got to get it all to come together for the release of both 7.1's. 

NY Times: "The idea behind NetGuard is to create a national volunteer force, drawn initially from the nation's top high-technology concerns, that could mobilize quickly in the case of an emergency. Its role would be to repair downed communications systems, restore computer operations and create new systems to aid support and recovery efforts." 

News.Com: "With Google's new file-type search tool, a wide array of files formerly overlooked by basic search engine queries are now just a few clicks from the average surfer -- or the novice hacker." Demo. 

Alison: "You've always wanted to get into Alison's pants. Now you can do it from the convenience of your own room, through a novel web interface!" Screen shot

802.11b coverage of the 802.11b conference, via 802.11b.  

Hey I thought of doing a press release announcing that XML-RPC and SOAP 1.1 work with 802.11b, but I guess everyone knows that, right? Does anyone do a press release when standards work as they're supposed to. I could write such a release. I'll give it a try. Here it is. It's funny! 

This morning I started a list of developers who create software that build on SOAP 1.1. If your company makes SOAP products, send me a pointer to your home page or (even better) a page that says what you're doing with SOAP. Thanks! 

Thanksgiving 2001 

Welcome back. In case you missed it, I wrote a kickass Thanksgiving speech on Thursday morning. Let the spirit of thankfulness continue.

Amy Wohl read my Thanksgiving speech. She says "And thank you, Dave, for sharing with us the gift of being able to so easily create weblogs and communicate our daily thoughts. A whole new experience and an increasingly addictive one."

Some thanks that I overlooked in the piece.

Thanks to Mike Donnelan for making me laugh. Every time I get the Windex to clean off the droplets of coffee on my monitor I think of Mike.

Thanks to the readers of DaveNet and Scripting News for teaching me so much. Even though you're very modest, you are much smarter than I am. (Think about it. There's only one of me, and thousands of you. At best I am a stimulator and assimilator and integrator. I often take a contrarian view, but my grounding in this activity comes from the people who participate by reading and offering their own pov, respectfully of course.)

One more thanks, and it wouldn't have fit into the piece because it was a Web Thanksgiving piece. Thanks to the universe for helping my dad survive cancer this year, and thanks to my family for the new closeness, friendliness and courage it has brought out in all of us. There's no time like now.


Are you grouchy this morning? I am. Judging from the number of flames that were waiting for me this morning I'd say a bunch of other people are too. Holidays can be rough. Coming back to work can be even rougher.

Stallman's $830K 

The following is not a flame. Thanks for the nice note Richard, enjoy the money, have a nice Hanukkah. Gzai gzint.

Richard Stallman: "$830K (actually a little less with current exchange rates) is the total sum. Since it is being shared by three people, I will get 1/3 of that -- after taxes, perhaps $170K. It's a nice sum of Hanukkah gelt, and will make a difference for me, but it wouldn't support an organization like Sourceforge for long."


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