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DaveNet: John Doerr on a Segway

Bret Fausett is blogging ICANN. 

NY Times on Segway, formerly known as Ginger, or It. 

Paul Nakada started a Segway blog. That was quick! 

Paul Andrews: "Maybe it should have been named the Segway.Com." 

Judith Burton: "I suddenly realize how very dependent I am on electricity." 

Yes, I see the connection between this and that

People who were pining for the colorful Zeldman icons, please note, they're back, but in a different place

A list of the mappings for the icons. If you see your weblog in this list, if the URL has changed, please drop me a note and I'll update the database. At some point I'll check the URLs and de-assign the icons of sites that no longer exist making room for some new ones.  

Little-known fact. When you search for John Doerr on Google, my first DaveNet piece is on the first page of hits. Today we don't show up at all in this search. And the race is on for this search term.  

While you're digesting that, consider this. War is breaking out in the Middle East. 

Open source embrace of SOAP and XML-RPC 

DotGnu: "GNUe, DotGNU, GNU Groupware Standards, and phpGroupWare will favor XML-RPC over other RPC protocols whenever possible. SOAP is the second choice if XML-RPC is impossible for some reason."

Reading it more carefully I see they're looking for a way to abstract the differences between SOAP and XML-RPC. We've already done that with the Frontier verb called xml.rpc. It's a little more complicated than the lower-level routines it covers, but you get a choice of protocol at runtime. In our environment, the high level code doesn't know whether it's calling a SOAP or XML-RPC routine.

This was the cap on the work we did with A Busy Developer's Guide to SOAP 1.1 (aka the BDG) in April 2001.

Anyone is welcome to clone this interface in other environments, or use it for inspiration for something even cooler.

West Wing Clones, day 2 

Following up on yesterday's discussion about clones of NBC's hit show The West Wing, how long would it be before one of the actors ran for President? And if one did, wouldn't the others have to follow suit?

Perhaps this is the ultimate efficiency. Instead of actors having to raise huge amounts of money to buy commercials on the major networks, actors could just be employees of the networks. Then we'd have some insight into the character of our elected officials, we could watch them on TV discussing the issues of the day.

Now then would the capital of the US move to Hollywood? And what about Congress? And would the two major political parties wither and die, to be replaced by NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, AOL, etc? Who would you vote for? (I already know who Jrobb would vote for.)

Larry Magid on Segway 

Larry Magid: "Why not just ride a real bicycle? It goes just as fast (faster if you want it to), it's cheaper and it burns calories and strengthens your heart. I think the biggest problem with Kamen's device is where people will ride it. You could probably use it around here on the streets or the sidewalk but in cities like NYC, they'll need to build lanes for it cause neither the street nor the sidewalk would be appropriate."

Magid is a columnist for the LA Times.

Help pay the bills 

Microsoft sent an offer to get $800 off Visual Studio .NET so I can build powerful Web services applications using SOAP. Now be forewarned, a commercial message follows.

Why would you pay Microsoft all that money, when you could buy a year's subscription to Frontier, and get XML-RPC support along with SOAP, for a mere $899 per year, and when the subscription expires, you can keep using it. (It also has a full content management system baked in, and it's a 13 year codebase so it probably runs with a little more stability than Microsoft's new codebase.)

Scoble reminds me to tell you that Frontier is shipping right now and Visual Studio .NET isn't expected until early next year. That's an important point. Sometimes software slips. Even Microsoft's.


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