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Radio 7.1 to ship in January 

The Radio UserLand 7.1 release will happen just after the holidays, in early January. The software is getting quite solid. There's much more work to do on the docs, both on the Web and the words baked into the product, and we're also getting a good process for fixes and new features, so we'll use the time over the holidays to get all that going, and maybe even get a few days off here and there. It's been a long push, starting in April. We'll ship in January.

This is the first release of Radio that's commercial. Everyone wants to know the price. I can't say now exactly what the price is, but it's under $100. Thirty day free trial. Like any point-one release, the functionality isn't dramatically different from 7.0. Its purpose is weblog writing and RSS-based news reading. But when you lift the hood on 7.1, it's a different CMS, one that's suited for hobbyists and technical end-users. It's got an easy ramp, and builds on knowledge people have about other dynamic Web servers, such as PHP and ASP, but goes a lot further because it's a CMS. The point in the underpinnings of 7.1 is power and accessibility. That's why we're making the investment in developer docs. We want a lot of people to do development in 7.1.

Of course, you want to know what OSes it runs on. All flavors of Windows, but since it's a server, it works a lot better on the modern Windows OSes -- Windows 2000 and Windows XP. It also runs on the classic version of Macintosh OS, but as with Windows, you'll like it better if you use Mac OS X. It will ship as a native Mac OS X app.

Bottom-line: A lot of people are ready to run a Web server on their desktop. Unlike other servers, this one comes with some great user-level apps pre-installed. Software that pushes the envelope on what the Web can do, not demo apps, or mere Hello Worlds, but software that's worth using. And unlike the other Web servers, this one has a fast CMS baked in. Mature code, debugged, it works, it's not a science experiment, it's technology you can use to create fantastic new applications for the Internet. And it's all built on open standards, no lock-in, connect to everything, and there's a lot more coming from where all this came from.

So with that preramble, here's my work-in-progress, Radio UserLand for Developers. Dig we must!

Links to other stories 

I want to make sure people don't miss the news about Radio 7.1, so I'm organizing today's links in this section.

Amazingly the HTD thread is still running on HTP.

In my own defense, I never said I was a saint.

Dan Gillmor: "Open source looks better and better to me all the time." Lotsa luck.

Zeldman: "Itís odd how much press this nonĖevent is getting." That occurred to me too.

From Julian Bond, a pointer to the change notes for PHP 4.1.0. A very brief note on the page bodes well for XML-RPC. "Bundled Dan Libby's xmlrpc-epi extension." This is good news.

Wes: "As much as I like O'Reilly I'm not going to buy one of their books just to fix a possible misconfiguration on Red Hat's part."

Friday-morning philosophy 

For some reason April is the month that we start digging big holes, and January is the month we ship the results. It's not always exact. Manila was hatched in April and shipped in December. Frontier 5, the first cross-platform version, shipped in January. Maybe it's our old Mac habits dying hard. MacWorld Expo, the big one (not the summer one) happens in January, usually right after the holidays. This meant that Mac developers always had to work through the holidays. A bit of history on a Friday morning.

Now a bit of Friday-morning philosophy. Imagine talking with a neighbor and saying "Why don't you be a good neighbor and ask your kids to play on the other side of my house at 6AM on a Sunday morning, you know, the side where the bedroom isn't." Now if your neighbor is a prick, he focuses on the "good neighbor" bit and says "I am a good neighbor." This does not compute. Like the employee who says he has a good attitude when you say he has a bad one. You just proved my point dude.


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