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Survey: "Based on today's announcements from Apple, will you buy one of the new Macs?" 

Name withheld: "I watched the Steve Jobs show today at my local Apple dealer's showroom. The buyer noticed three new SKUs in Distributors' catalog without descriptions. Only pricing. We think there is more to come at CES." 

Wired News: Vaporware 2001

We just became aware of a security issue in Mac OS X, and are working to close the hole in Frontier and Radio. The date of the report is 9/11/01, which is probably why we missed it.  

The hole has been closed in: Radio 7.0.1 and Frontier. All Mac OS X users should update asap. 

Steven Levy: A Couch Potato's Digital Dream

Press reports on Apple: Register, Reuters, MSNBC, News.Com, Dan Gillmor

Blogs: Brent, Dori, Mr Barrett, I See I Say, O'Reilly, Roepcke, Polaschek, Andre Tan, Doc

MacInTouch report on the Apple keynote. 

One of the most unique looking weblogs I've seen. 

Tim Jarrett is blogging the Apple keynote from Apple's store in Tyson's Corner, Virginia. I've written a script that mirrors Tim's blog to a static file, so lots of people (including myself) can refresh the page often.  

Jakob Nielsen: "Waiting for Microsoft is not for the impatient. If you wait long enough, you might become King of Sweden." 

BTW, picture a blogger watching the keynote in the living room, making notes on a wireless laptop. The integration of all that blogging with the TV show is the vision of the future. It's what computers add to the mix -- community. In a sense we're already doing that, but I'm working at my desktop not watching the event in person or on TV. That's the flip side. I can actually tell, somewhat, what's going on just by reading the sites when they update

John Robb: "The problem with all the Mac tools announced by Jobs at the show is that the publishing functionality is weak. What's needed? A CMS for a robust personal Website or Weblog. That is the flaw in Apple's hub strategy - weak publishing tools. All this great content but nothing that helps you publish anything more complex than a simple home page." Totally agree. I've been offering to help with this since 1996. I gave up. They're not looking for it. 

Staton: "John should be jumping for joy that Apple did not release a CMS." 

News.Com picks up the Time Canada story and adds a bit of speculation and comments from analysts and competitors. Thanks for not picking up the nauseating gushes about Steve's clothes from Time's story. News.Com mentions nothing earth-shaking. Some people think Time didn't get the whole story. I hope they're right. An Apple-branded TiVO would be nice, with a wireless connection to a laptop so you can program it in your browser. Just a place to start. That's where Microsoft is going. If today's announcement is somehow relevant to Microsoft's announcement tomorrow, they'll have to combine wireless, desktops and entertainment for the home in some new way. 

Lance Knobel reviews the program for Davos New York

A preview of my second Going Crazy tutorial for macros in Radio 7.1. This one isn't as crazy as the first, but what can you do, some days you feel crazy, some days not so crazy. 

We had a few really gorgeous days last week, sunshine during the day, fog at night. The ground is soaked from all the rain. The streams are running. There's one spot on my daily walk where the perfume smell of flowers in early bloom is intoxicating. I just stop there and breathe and take it in, it's so sweet. Then I look at my garden, full of weeds that are digging the rain and I wonder if there's anything I can plant now that will survive a frost, because we're sure to get a few more of those before spring comes. Then I wondered why isn't there (or is there) a gardening weblog? We really need a bunch of them, for different climates. I'm in northern California. What could I be planting now? I'd love to have a place I can go to find out. 

Aaron Cope sends a pointer to You Grow Girl, which is a gardening website. 

I got an email from another friend I took to Parkside Grille. She says she threw up after a dinner there too. I guess that along with the change in ownership they're cutting back on refrigeration costs, or using old fish or whatever. The place is empty. I attributed that to the post Sept 11 recession (other local restaurants are empty too) -- and I felt sorry for them. I must have a strong stomach, capable of dealing with the toxins. It's too bad, the restaurant is in a gorgeous location, and used to have great food. The plates still look good, but it's dangerous stuff. Caveat emptor

Tomorrow's award will be for the Gone But Not Forgotten category. How to introduce the winner? The "best" GBNF website? Most missed? The award-winning not-forgotten site? And what if one of the nominees started updating again? Heh. What about that? 

The Void of Knowledge 

Good morning sports fans!

I fell asleep at the keyboard last night. What an experience. I dreamed about animated evil aliens, cattle mutation, devilish plots by Al Gore, Mike Tyson, and Michael Jackson. I woke up and realized I hadn't been sleeping at all.

I had been reading Black Hole Brain -- chosen by the readers of Scripting News as the EditThisPage.Com Pioneer for 2001.

It's The Void of Knowledge but behind the screen is a very generous big-hearted man, Mike Donellan, an award-winning guy for an award-winning site. Thanks Mike for all the entertainment. And the fans appreciate you too!

From Japan comes proof that aliens have invaded our planet.

That's a picture of Al Gore inventing the Internet.

Programmer stagnation 

Joel Spolsky: "Sometimes I just can't get anything done."

Same here. All programmers go through this. It often happens just after you ship a product. You've been pushing yourself to the max, and your body needs a rest. It's not uncommon to get physically ill at these times. You can't fight it, you have to let it be. We're not machines, or put another way, we don't understand how our machines work.

There's another way stagnation happens. "A programmer languishes for months, chipping at the edges of a problem. Then all of a sudden, a breakthrough happens, the pieces start fitting together. A few months later the software works, and you go forward."

BTW, Joel is one of my nominees for Blogger Of The Year. He's consistently thought-provoking, a natural teacher, generous with what he knows. Total BOTY material.


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