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As the awards roll out it's interesting to look back at who I voted for and see how they fared. Hmmm. Would I reveal too much if I told you how many winners I voted for? Okay. I'm up for a tease if you are. Here's the answer

Brent: "Everyone should live with predators." 

JD Net: Description d'un client XML-RPC en Php

The xml-dist-app list is focusing on fatness of XML-based protocols. 

Kevin Kelly: The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed

Skipping Dot Net: SOAP Linkfest

Masukomi: "There are 8 anonymous people watching me out there." I'm one of them. 

The Register captures some of the excitement behind Microsoft's CES announcements.  

On this day last year: What is Integrity? 

Garret is one of the rare 40-something's who can read 3-point type. My poor eyes! 

Dive Into the Best Scripting Weblog for 2001 

Now for the next award!

Mark Pilgrim's DiveIntoMark weblog first appeared on my radar when he released a suite called PyManila, which connects Python to Manila via XML-RPC. Believe it or not this led to Mark getting fired (which is good for flow, it turns out) and that got him a new job. So this is a weblog with a business model. And they say you can't make money on the Internet.

He also is the author of Dive Into Python, a free Python book for experienced programmers. He's informative, generous, notorious, opinionated, pushy -- he shoots first and asks questions later -- a natural-born scripter and blogger.

He's also the choice of Scripting News readers as the Best Scripting Weblog for 2001.


What is Watson? 

Emailing with Cory Doctorow yesterday, he pointed me to Watson, which is a new GUI framework for Web Services for Mac OS X. Then I found a post on HTP from Robb Beal with more info. It's a puzzle, at first I was quite confused -- what is it -- and then I got a few clues, and then I'm confused again. It looks like a Parc-style browser for scripts that connect via HTTP with websites. Does it have some kind of scraper built in? It's not browser-based, so it could complement Radio on Mac OS X, if I understood what it does. What does it do?

Greg Brown: "I've only played with it briefly, but it doesn't seem to be anything more (technically) complicated than a screen-scraper that provides a native Mac UI to things like Yahoo, etc."

Radio Eight Or? 

News from Radio UserLand. The new version will be 8.0, not 7.1 as previously reported. I've been here before. Working on a project that was supposed to be a quick refinement, and it blossoms and then drags on, and thirteen months later, it has developed into something much more. The next release of Radio has a new content management system, it's file-system-based, and lots of new features around that, and lots more possibilities for people who are new to CMS's and scripting. We asked the betas last night if they agreed, and they do (with one exception, noted). So the release formerly known as 7.1, will henceforth be known as 8.0. Friday is the ship date, we may slip to Monday. (We probably will.)

Some have asked why we don't do a public beta. Well, that was what we did in the nineties. In the 21st Century we want to get the first impression right. Yesterday Duncan Smeed posted an item on his new Radio blog that told me we're getting close. "Time from install to post: about 5 minutes!" That was the design goal, I don't know how Duncan knew, or if he did, but that was what we were aiming for, 80 percent of the people get from install to post in five minutes.

PS: Radio 8.0 also includes the Prefs system that I talked about in November in the Hypercard and the Web thread. There are verbs (not documented yet) that allow developers to create stack-like user interfaces in an outline. It's a totally rational way to develop Prefs systems for Web apps, imho, if I do say so myself, I am not a lawyer, for what it's worth, etc.


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