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Estimated time of arrival: 6:30PM Pacific.  

Still on track for 6:30PM. Next thing on my todo list. Spin up some Dead tunes. Blues for Allah. Franklin's Tower. Crazy Fingers. Touch of Grey. It's even worse than you know what. US Blues. Oh yeah. Next, hot-up the links on the Download page. You might want to save the source of Scripting News. It's going bye-bye. To be replaced by a big crazy eight. Any minute now. Summertime come and gone my oh my. Ooops. It's 6:27. We might slip a little.  


A little bit of history is made. For the first time since we've been tracking hits at UserLand, something other than Scripting News is #1 today. Radio UserLand just pulled ahead a few minutes ago. That's why we're in such a rush to ship. Is this a bubble or will it last? I want to make sure we get some software out there while the traffic is so high.  

Dan Shafer: My First Review of Radio 8

Yay. This is what it looks like when the lights come back on. Welcome back Steve. We missed you! No shit. 

Berlinger: "Today's thought on the Radio 8 beta process. I don't think I've ever participated in a somewhat public test where the group was so upbeat and positive; Where the testers tried so hard to be helpful in exactly the way UserLand needed." It was a magic group of people and a tough test. We fought for the inches, together.  

Garret: "Dump anything in Radio's www folder, and it's been filed, uploaded, backed up, statically rendered, content managed, diced, chopped, ground, and served on a platter." 

Lawrence: "Being part of the development of Radio 8.0, it's awesome to see there are going to be lots of people who are going to be playing around with a CMS (at under $40 US) and with an entire weblogging system already in place." 

Scoble: "Here's a quick visual look at Radio UserLand 8.0's Desktop Website Home Page. This page is the heart of Radio 8.0 and is where you'll spend most of your time. It's easy to use, just follow the numbers!" 

Humorous note. My number one referer this morning, by far, is the Google search for poor Joseph Crosby. I wonder if he's going to send a cease-and-desist note to Google next.  

A designer's perspective on content management, expressed concisely in A List Apart article: "An organization using CM may decide that paying a full-time designer is more expensive than hiring an outside party to redesign templates every couple of months. So your survival may indeed be at stake." True, but you could look at it another way. If CM becomes more mainstream, there will be more websites, and more demand for designers, to balance the new efficiency and lower cost of publishing that CM provides. Yet another way of looking at it -- did Desktop Publishing cause designers to go away? No. Quite the opposite. Once publishing could be automated, designers became even more relevant. And then a few years later -- The Web, created all kinds of opportunity for designers. You can't hold back technology, it marches forward inexorably. Better to go with the flow, than put your finger in the dyke and hope to hold back the flood. 

I updated the page explaining how to get adequate performance using Radio 8 on Macintosh OS Classic with Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's a common configuration, and due to a feature in MSIE (some might call it a bug) the performance is just awful. Dan Shafer got caught in this last night. It's one of our major support issues. We have alerted MS to the problem. We don't like recommending that people use a different browser or install a shareware INIT to work around a problem that we could solve by working together. We all look bad when we put users in this kind of situation. MSIE/Mac is an excellent browser, but it doesn't play well with server software running on the same machine.  

Saltire: "Perhaps this was just a fluke (I doubt it), but I was on Yahoo! yesterday and noticed that they are now dropping in links to ads with the rest of their news stories." 

Radio 8 essays: Adam Curry, Mark Paschal, Meryl Evans

So, as we get ready to open up a new community, one has to wonder, who will be the next Joel Spolsky -- who will use the tool, and the medium, as well as he did with Manila in Y2K? 

Last year on this day: Payloads for RSS. "What if, in the middle of the night, while I'm not using my computer, it downloads huge video and audio stuff to my local hard drive. Then when I arrive in the morning there are fresh bits, news clips, a song of the day, whatever, provided by all kinds of content providers, from big TV networks like CNN and MSNBC, to a Dutch school where kids are taking a film class using inexpensive video recorders and iMacs." 

Blogger of the Year 2001 

Our winner was also an EditThisPage.Com Pioneer. One day I started reading this site, and thought wow, this guy can write. I had never heard of him. So I read his pieces and pointed to them. It was a total "sweaty mouse finger" thing. When he wrote a new essay, it was time to stop everything and clear 20 minutes and read it from top to bottom, savoring every idea, every paragraph, every anecdote.

He involves you in his writing, he has something to say, and even when you don't agree, he teaches you something, shows you a different point of view, a different way of doing things, he gets you thinking -- and that's what makes the difference between an average blogger, and the Scripting News Blogger of the Year for 2001 -- Joel Spolsky.

Mazel tov Joel, thanks for all the great writing, from all of us at Scripting News.

One more item of business in the awards for 2001 -- rolling out the badge. That'll happen on Monday. I also want to run a survey asking if the participants felt that the awards were a valuable process.


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