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Ray Ozzie, CEO, Groove Networks: "From one developer to another, my sincere congratulations. I finally had a chance to use Radio today. Simiplicity is very difficult, and from my perspective you seem to have hit the mark. Nice product, nice user experience. Its great to see innovation coming back to client-side development; architecture matters, software matters. Best wishes from the team at Groove to those at Userland." Thanks Ray! 

David Davies has SMS posting to Radio 8. He's taking a plane trip today and testing out the feature. No kidding. 

NewsIsFree supports publish-subscribe. "Now the excellent NewsIsFree network, spearheaded by Mike Krus, a gutsy Frenchman who's always up for something new, includes a <cloud> element in their RSS feeds and if you subscribe to those feeds, and if you're not behind a firewall or NAT, you can get instant news from those sources, not just at the top of the hour." 

These notifications are tiny little "web services" -- to use the phrase that IBM and Microsoft like so much -- working for the benefit of news junkies. 

Here's a list of NewsIsFree feeds that support the <cloud> element and are pub-sub ready.  

Garth Kidd says our pub-sub model won't scale. 

Life is good. Aaron Swartz has discovered Jeremiah Rogers. Two prodigies, both in their teens. Both off-the-scale smart. The Bill Gates of 2010 meets his Paul Allen. (Or maybe Jobs meets Woz. Or Bricklin meets Frankston.) 

Dan Bricklin's Radio blog

Wes: "Can't sleep, must hack Radio." This is totally cool. Wes used to work at UserLand. Some of his code is running on every request that Radio processes. 

Dan Burns: "By the way, my usernum is 100000. Very Cool!" 

On this day last year Maynard G Krebs made a cameo appearance on Scripting News. Hey here he is again. Yo! Maybe this will be an annual tradition? Is January 13 Maynard G Krebs day on Scripting News? Surely you jest! 

While we were busy getting Radio 8 out to its early adopters, there was other news in the tech world and elsewhere on the planet. Now I hope to catch up. 

Dan Gillmor: Google effect reduces need for many domains

Via Delacour: "All women should assume they'll get pregnant and all men should assume the woman will want to keep the baby."  

In the NY Times, Steve Lohr writes about a setback for Microsoft in its antitrust travails. "To put it bluntly," Judge Motz wrote, "in the words of the opponents of the proposed settlement, the donation of free software could be viewed as constituting 'court-approved predatory pricing.'" Amen. However it seems like it's not such a big setback for the software giant. Us Windows users still live in a gravity well, our freedom being pulled into a giant swirling drain while we cling to the edge of the bowl desperately trying to keep from getting sucked into the sewage system of the Internet. As Dom Delouise (remember him?) used to say "Lotsa luck!" 

On this day two years ago, Bill Gates stepped down as Microsoft CEO. 

Two techies I respect have remarkably different experiences with Radio 8. For one, it works. For the other, it's a constant failure. (He keeps trying, I want it to work for him.) What's the difference? The cool thing about this rollout is that I, the program's author, can see immediately how the program is being put to use. I wish some of the good experience that Sjoerd is having could rub off on Kimbro. 

You're soaking in it! 

Most of you probably aren't old enough to remember Madge. She was a manicurist. She's almost certainly dead by now, like my cat Nurse and Burl Ives. Anyway, the camera would zoom in on Madge working on a customer's finger nails while the customer's other hand was soaking. This was the 60's and of course then women didn't talk about weighty issues like the nuclear arms race, or global warming. Nope they were talking about dishwashing liquid. Madge is saying "Tsk tsk you must be using a harsh dishwashing liquid. Look at these hands, they're so rough and dry." Then the customer asks "Madge, what do you recommend?" And we all knew the answer that was coming (it was a commercial after all.) "I recommend Palmolive." Big pause. "You're soaking in it!" The customer looks shocked and pulls her hand out of the liquid quickly, and then comes to her senses and puts it back. Everyone laughs and life goes on. "It softens hands while you do the dishes." You'll see that message pop up on SN in the future, and now you will know what it means.

According to TV Acres Madge is still alive and living in Connecticut.


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