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Beta: Manila-Blogger Bridge Tool. In a nutshell, it lets you mirror your Radio 8 weblog to any centralized CMS that supports the Blogger API. Today we tested with Manila, Blogger, and by surprise, found out that Movable Type already supports the API, and MBBT works with it too! Now there's something to stand up and cheer about. It's still a beta, I expect there will be updates, but if you've been waiting for this, please give it a try. Praise Murphy! 

Rob Fahrni: "Did you guys really expect it to take of like this?" No, not really. We had lots of talks about how big it was going to be, but I don't think, anyone at UserLand really expected the response we've gotten. In December it basically became usable. The big hurdles were the user interface, and getting upstreaming solid and fast. If you want to see some nice code, look at radio.upstream.uploadChangedFiles. But the UI was the hardest. The Web browser is not a very rich environment. But it has some advantages over GUIs. Instead of saying "Choose the Foo command from the Bar menu", I can just send you the URL -- no matter how many steps it took me to get there, it just takes you one. The status center on the home page, and the Radio menu were the two biggest UI bottlenecks. If I had to do it over again I would have held Stories back in the 8.0 release. I'm glad we held back the Glossary features. A lot of the functionality is straight from Radio 7.0, content routing, enclosures, publish-subscribe. At the heart of R8 there are two new core bits -- upstreaming got a lot more powerful, and the file system based CMS is totally new code. There's also a lightweight identity system running behind it with a lot of untapped power. We have another app in the pipe that uses that, and I'm trying not to overhype, but it's heavier than Radio 8, but also I believe will appeal to a smaller group of people. We're holding back on that stuff until the UI is as clean as Radio's is. Sorry to be such a tease Rob, you asked such a simple question, and I'm rambling. 

Rael Dornfest: "Upstreaming is boss!" Thanks Rael, I'm glad you're trying Radio.  

Jeremiah: "UserLand is like Ulysses S. Grant, they attack from all fronts at the same time." Yes, we learned how to do that from Microsoft. I think they call it swarming. I'm having too much fun tonight. Almost fourteen fairly productive years of coding. 

Balazs Fejes: "I'm using Natara Bonsai as my Outliner to organize my thoughts, and basically manage everything in my life including enterpise software development projects and grocery shopping list." 

Garret flashes on the Radio category router. This has been one of John Robb's holy grails. As a Forrester analyst he wanted to be able to create feeds for each of his clients, they paid $10's of K's per month for the information he provided them with. Garret arrives at the same place from a different angle. I want one desktop for creating Web content, but be able to flow it out in multiple directions by just checking a box. That's how Radio 8 works. The categories pref defaults off so they don't confuse the newbie. But if you've been using Radio for a few days, go ahead and turn them on. I promise you won't be disappointed. 

I've got some people testing the new tool. I expect to be linking it in here shortly. It'll still be a beta. 

New verb: thread.getStackDump. Released. 

New callback, when a weblog item is deleted, all scripts in are called. 

Looks like I'm going to have to put another kind of spam filter on Weblogs.Com soon. Even though it's funny what people will call their sites to get some flow. 

Powazek: "Oyvey, do we have your money?" 

Number one Radio 8 FAQ goes like this. "I try to launch the app but I get a Folder "" Not Found dialog. I give up. I don't know how to get this feshtunken app to open." Explanation. It's a really really stupid dialog, we apologize for that. What it really should say: Radio is running. To open the desktop website home page, double-click on the Radio icon in the system tray. It appears to only happen on Windows. We have a simple fix, and it will be in the next release, of course. 

Gary Secondino narrates his experience with publish-subscribe and RSS. 

Joshua Allen has some interesting comments on a challenge I posted a few days ago. 

Oy life in the fast lane. Our community server appears to be the honoree of a DoS attack this morning. It's been going on for about an hour. Still checking it out. (Postscript, the flood stopped on its own. I know where they were coming from, and we'll keep an eye out for more requests from this location. Sorry for the interruption of service for Weblogs.Com and Radio 8.) 

Lance makes a good but subtle point. The WTC was perhaps the first battlefield in a war betw the rich countries and the poor. He says we're fiddling while Rome burns. Interesting. BTW, later this month Lance will participate in the World Economic Forum annual meeting, in NY this year, not Davos. I hope he blogs it. And I hope the people "on the ground" blog it too. Lance is our insider this year. (I blogged Davos in Y2K.) 

8/13/01: Connecting With Blogger

Last year on this day Jake Savin became a media star.  

On this day in 1998, Cameron Barrett became a media star

The Head Lemur gives Radio 8 a spin. Colin Faulkingham is playing with RSS enclosures, and has my Michegas feed displayed in a box in his template. Nice. It's not Scripting News. It's just looney toons notes from my so-called life. One of the Jabber guys, DizzyD has a new Radio blog.  

Happy Birthday to Daniel Berlinger, 38. "I'm not certain I can wrap my head around that," he says. It's the old I'll be 40 soon thing. I did that in 1993. It gets even worse if you can believe that. My uncle who is 55, says time keeps accelerating. Not fair! But what can you do. Keep diggin Daniel, you're doing great. 

Awards wrap-up 

Thanks to Bryan Bell for coming through on the badge for Scripting News award winners for 2001. You can see it to the right. If you have a site that won an award for 2001, you have the right to place this badge on your home page, or on a page just for awards, or nowhere at all. Please link to the speech I gave announcing your award. It's a total opt-in thing. We also have a small version of the badge.

Survey: "Do you feel the Scripting News Awards for 2001 were a valuable process?"


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