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Radio 8.0.1 is out. Smoothes out most of the install issues. Lots of little fixes. More coming.  

Welcome to the third installment of Going Crazy with Macros, the only tutorial service on the Internet that helps you lose your mind. Today we are going to invent a new Web Service called The XML Coffee Cup. Now if that isn't sheer lunacy, tell me what is! 

An early beta of my slides for tomorrow morning. 

Mike Jamieson did a bookmarklet that does what the Crazy Coffee Cup does. 

JY Stervinou translated the Radio 8 home page to French. He says "I can go to bed now!" 

Dan Gillmor on Web Services: "If I can be absolutely assured - with performance guarantees that mean something in the real world - that my data will be safe and secure, maybe I'll trust Web Services. But I think I'll wait a while, maybe a long while, before I take the risk." 

Dan says he has lots of questions that were unanswered by today's talks. I sent him an email asking what they are, and Dan kindly sent them. Now I know what to address in my speech tomorrow. Cool.  

Kevin Altis: PythonCardPrototype release 0.6.2

Adam Curry: "Its time to re-invent broadcast radio." 

Proof that a Radio weblog can look beautiful, and thanks for the kind words. 

Thanks to MacNN, MacMinute for the flow. 

Bob Frankston: The Tragedy of the .Coms

Julian Bond: "It worked first time!" (Excellent. XML-RPC apps often do, no kidding.) 

BTW, to browser vendors -- if you want to differentiate your product and make a lot of people happy, focus on improvements to text editing in the browser. The first browser that really makes a point of giving great user experience for simple text editing will become a cult product in our world, a defacto standard. Be the best browser for people writing for the Web and we'll sing your praises far and wide. 

Another BTW to browser vendors -- I'm sure the W3C will hate me for saying this -- but keep the interface to your text-editing widget very simple for the HTML coder. Invent a new tag called <beautifulTextEditor postTo="url">. When I ask for one of these, send a post to the indicated URL with a set of standardized fields, one of which is vendorNameAndVersion. Make it brain-dead simple. (OK, if you want to make it XHTML that would be fine too.) 

One more BTW, Microsoft's wizzy text editor on Windows is pretty good but it could be better and the feature is not available in the Mac version of IE. 

I'm getting flooded with great news. An announcement of support from Drupal, and from Macrobyte for Conversant, both supporting the Blogger API, and tested compatible with Radio 8. I can't believe how fast all this stuff is coming online. Great energy guys! 

What is OperaShow

8:33AM: We just went through a 30+ minute glitchy period on the Radio 8 community server but it seems to have cleared. 

John Robb's father just created a Radio weblog. This is a big day at UserLand.  

Robb and Scoble: Radio UserLand for Webloggers

Tomorrow morning at this time I will be giving the keynote at InfoWorld's Web Services conference. I'm going to tell them all about community and publishing. Here's my theme. "The Internet is 25 percent cash register and 75 percent writing environment. If you adopt the writing environment view as we do, it's easy to see how Web services make a difference, they allow desktop apps to connect to the cloud." I'm toying with the idea of geeking out again this morning and doing a presentation tool for Radio 8. I'd call it RadioPoint, of course. It softens your hands while you do the dishes.  

Duncan Smeed got the Manila-Blogger Bridge to connect to Conversant. Bing. (BTW, sometimes six methods are better than hundreds.) The Bridge is like the Triborough Bridge in NY. It's a weird bridge. Usually bridges just go from one place to another. In NY the Triboro goes betw Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx. The Manila-Blogger Bridge goes from Radio to Manila, Blogger, Movable Type and now Conversant. Who's next? Drupal? *Yes* Slash? Just gotta implement three methods (we don't use all six). 

Dann Sheridan: "Can Microsoft deliver 24x7 services?" 

Chris Pirillo: Top Ten Reasons You Need Radio Userland. 

Matthew Trump: "It's always good practice to take a tour of the preferences of any user application." 

Protocol 7 is an "XML-RPC client written to be used from Adobe SVG Viewer." 

Michael Fraase: "The ability to mirror dynamic content immediately to at least three independent sites is, quite frankly, the most important Internet development since the web itself." 

Tav: "Dan Gillmor and Bob Frankston - two very smart people that I'm glad to have discovered. Thank you blogging community." 

We ran a press release last night. Help us evangelize. Send a link to your friends. We especially want coverage for the Mac OS X version because there's so much buzz around Apple's new OS. The Mac sites haven't tuned into Radio yet. Help spread the love. 

Oy the Web. I put a Script of the Day on SN on Monday and it had a huge URL in it and that made the boxes stretch for some people with big fonts (I sympathize, my eyes are weakening too). So I put it on my Handsome Radio Blog, so if you're looking for a way to do a RSS box on your Radio site, this is where to look.  


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