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News.Com: Netscape Sues Microsoft

Profiling in Radio. "An incredible viewing port into the performance of the dynamic HTTP server." 

Scoble's notes from the Blogger Pro demo this evening. 

Survey: "In my third Going Crazy tutorial I showed you how to do a smart coffee cup, one that would make it really easy for a Radio 8 user to subscribe to your XML feed. Now we want to make it a standard feature, so we need to decide on a graphic." 

Sylvain Carle has already adopted the popular choice.  

Jerry Grote was one of the stars of the 1969 Miracle Mets. Want to blow his mind. Tell all your friends that he wants to be a major league manager. I'm on his mail list. He's a great guy. He'll make a fine manager. Tell him Dave sentya. 

Tomorrow's mind-bomblet is the Blogger API running in Radio. Why not. It supports XML-RPC, and people like using tools to write for their weblog, even if it's on their desktop machine. We've got it all running, I want to start fresh with the docs tomorrow morning so if you're into Rube Goldberg software machines, check in early and we'll have a new toy for you to play with. 

The Blogger API will be built-in in Frontier 8

Evectors is building a bridge to Radio.  

AP: Posts First-Ever Profit

Jeremiah: "I've been saying 'Oy!' a lot." Kvell. 

SXSW award finalists. Nicely designed sites. 

Jon Udell dug up the original home page for Radio from July 2000. I like the "Mainframes are Computers Too" story. It has a happy ending. "Somehow we survived." There was another philosophical piece. "Once the power is in the hands of the users, there can be no turning back." 

For some writing I want to do I need a definition of the term Full Peer. What do you think, does this explanation make sense to you? 

Salon: Relics of the lost bulletin-board tribes

Kevin Altis continues the Python-As-Good-As-C discussion. 

Tonight in Mtn View, the second meeting of the Weblogger Interest Group.  

Radio 8 users, if you can't update because you're behind a firewall or proxy server, we have a fix. It's a one-time thing to get back in the loop. 

Yesterday my computer became so slow as to be virtually unusable. I got a lot of work done anyway, but sometimes I'd just stare at the thing and wait for it to echo a key I typed 15 seconds earlier. This morning I cured the problem. My C drive was full. I got the news from my emailer -- "I have so little room I can't even save an email message," it said to me. Ahhh. So I deleted a huge number of automatic backups of huge databases, and now have several gigabytes free on my C drive. Everything is fast again. Fast is good. 

Mark Hershberger has Emacs working with Blogger. 

It's gratifying to see this comment from Seth. Radio and his Conversant software should be kissing cousins. Radio runs on the desktop, Conversant is a centralized CMS. Radio's claim is that the desktop is a powerful place to put Web software, more than just a browser. Centralized services are still totally essential to make the Internet work. Both products can and should win. (And yes I am thinking big. Why not? Let's have fun.) 

Evan Williams says Blogger Pro will roll out this week. He's going to demo it tonight. 

On one of the Radio weblogs someone wrote a complaint that if Radio were open source they'd get all their problems dealt with right away. Of course it's almost certainly not true, we're working as hard as we can, I don't know that if we had no hope of earning back our investment that we'd work any harder (this doesn't even make sense). But there's a bright spot. Two-three years ago a comment like that could have started a jihad. We just came through a period when commercial developers were vilified. I hope we never go back there.  

I believe I even know the lesson of all this michegas -- it's about users deciding what they want and proactively getting it. If you start a negotiation with "I won't pay you any money" -- you're certain to not get anything valuable in return.  


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