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Mind bomb: The Blogger API in Radio.  

We're almost there on the upstreaming problem for some Mac OS X users. It appears to happen only when we reuse streams. And it looks like an OS bug. Always the most unlikely thing. No sarcasm. 

NY Times article on the AOL-Microsoft lawsuit. "We now have a very clear indication of what AOL thinks of the settlement," said Andrew I. Gavil, a professor at the Howard University law school. "AOL must be incredibly upset with the settlement to file this suit." 

Conferenza reviews last week's InfoWorld Web Services conference. 

Beowolf is working on Radio themes. Asking for feedback. 

What is Googlewhacking? 

Joho: "A Googlewhack is a pair of common words that return only one hit when search for in Google." 

Sjoerd is #1 on Google for "Smart Weblogs". 

Evectors: "If you want to change your Radio weblog theme today, you need to know html and understand the basics of Radio macros. With remoteEdit you simply click on a button and edit your theme using Front Page (or any other wysiwyg editor), drag things around, change layout, styles and colors in the familiar visual way of these tools. You click one more button and your blog is updated." 

Paolo Valdemarin, the CEO of Evectors, was my gracious host when I visited Trieste and Venice in Y2K. 

Macrobyte updated the RadioConversant tool. Thanks guys! 

Dylan Tweney: "You can tell this is a weblog because of the calendar on the right." 

Paul Boutin recommends Raw Bandwidth as a service provider, if you're in SF. 

Doug Baron: "clock.set (tcp.getCurrentTime ())" 

Alan Reiter: "Boingo launched with more than 400 hot spots across the country." 

Jon Udell: "Is WSDL gum, or grease, or maybe a little of both?" 

Simon Fell: "For any non-trivial service, writing the entire WSDL by hand [even with a good xml editor] is painful and error prone." 

Planet Replay has an XML-RPC interface

Chris in Michigan: "RU8 is a platform that comes bundled with a killer app. Once I began thinking of it that way, it made a whole lot more sense to me." 

Matthew Trump is working on what he calls the Radio Paradigm. 

Another homecoming. Steve Michel wrote the scripting column in MacWEEK in the early 90s. I thought it was amazing that they even had a scripting column. Steve always had interesting scripts, and he loves neat toys, like all scripting people. 

Mark Paschal: "A large part of Radio's coolness is from its decentralizedness." 

Sean Gallagher: "If they just gave the money to a trust to fund Mozilla, that might make things interesting." 

Scoble's story on Blogger Pro is rising fast at Daypop.  

Phil Ackley asks: "Was it the lava, Dave?" Yes. 

The Flounder asserts: "I'm sure Dave doesn't really think I blame his software for my own foolishness." That's correct. I used the Flounder as a foil for an early morning bitch-fest, something I'm famous for. They often don't make it through mid-morning. That's why Europeans have an edge in Dave-watching. They get the good stuff. Thanks for being such a good foil and so good-natured about it. 

Well the new Dell machine arrived early. It was supposed to get here on February 1. So we get a few extra days to set it up. It's going to be the new community server for Radio 8 users. It's a real honking pile of steel. 1.8 gigahertz. 1 gig of ram. Over 100 gigs of disk. And what am I doing with all that power? Editing its weblog. Heh. Soon it will be doing more.  

John Markoff covers a new Woz startup. It doesn't get any better than that. I'm having dinner with Markoff tonight and Martin Nisenholtz, who runs the NY Times website. We're going to talk about amateur journalism, XML, and what will the Web look like in five years.  

BTW, I like to check from time to time, it gives me a warm feeling to know that according to Google, I am still the authoritative source on John Doerr.  



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