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Screen shot: The Blogger API in Radio

Google displays their Scripting News award at the top of their awards page. Nice. 

A picture named jd.gifSpeaking of Google, I was kind of bored and wanted to see how my investment in John Doerr was doing, so I fired up Google, and lo and behold someone had taken out an ad targeted at me! I clicked on the link, and the guy seems quite friendly. Very nicely done! 

BTW, there are no ads on the Google page for Vinod Khosla. 

Soundbites from the Dot*Con Frontline show. Quicktime. 

Worf says 'The wiener boys are without honor.'I'm liking Garth Kidd more every day. "Some people had sent email saying that UserLand were just a pack of stroppy old bastards who couldn't cope with criticism, which didn't quite resonate for me." Right on. Criticize us, no problemmo, we'll probably agree with you. Remember "it's even worse than it appears," and believe it. Garth may not know that much about Radio, but he's learning fast, and he obviously knows a lot about software.  

A picture named radiodadio.gifA tip from a reader, a popular Web filter called N2H2 classifies all of ManilaSites.Com as pornography. Screen shot

Scott Girard: "To Dreamweaver, the Radio macros look like ASP tags." Oy! 

A new macro for Manila, to prove Edd wrong about OPML.  

Doug is trying to figure out if there are any C-accessible APIs in Windows for displaying and/or manipulating GIFs, PNGs and JPEGs. 

Thanks to Josh Lucas for finding a mistake in the Radio 8 implementation of the Blogger API. Fixed. 

JY: "Accents are not turned into crap now. Goood!" 

A picture named dan.gifI had a long phone talk this morning with Dan Shafer. It was good to catch up. He lives in Monterey now, is a new Mac OS X user. His longtime partner, Lawrence Rozier, who has probably programmed in every scripting environment known to man, is now using Microsoft's .NET. Should be interesting. Dan and I have a common interest in seeing PythonCard adopted by the XML-RPC community. Kevin Altis has done the groundwork, now Dan and I have to get together to smooth it out for people who are scripting in Radio 8. Dan's a good guy to help with this, he has written a lot about Frontier, and Hypercard, and the Web

Eastside Journal: "Microsoft Corp's top executives were pale and somber as they filed into the company's in-house TV studios last November." 

Paul Boutin: "How much disk space would LMS need to handle all Radio logs through 2006?" 

David Davies: "I thought we could use a picture gallery." 

Steve Ivy has an XML Coffee Mug, in a Conversant site. 

A picture named cutekid.gifAccording to the Register, Microsoft has a relational database on the front burner for a future version of Windows. Personally, I think they're barking up the wrong tree. If they spent more time building websites they'd know that hierarchical models with very tight scripting connections offer more performance and a higher level application model. Relational databases are good for factories and stores. Object databases map the model of the Web. Just change the slashes to dots and off you go. 

A picture named submit.gifThis is the long running battle, mostly invisible, between Web developers and C developers. There's so much to say about it, it's come up in so many ways so many times. At Apple, Netscape and Microsoft, the C developers didn't want to bend to the low-tech ways of the Web. The Web kept chugging along as it will, no matter what they do at the Big's. It's about submission. If you program in C you must submit to the Web. It doesn't matter if you're Microsoft or Dave Winer. You can't turn a Web developer into a C developer, even if you change the name to Java. And you can ruin the browser market, and try to stuff it in the trunk, but it won't fit no matter how big the trunk is. 

Why I don't like alt's on images. I have to describe the pic. If I did, Roger Ebert might get mad at me. I prefer to let the pic speak for itself.If everything were right in the world we'd be doing an inch by inch strategy with the Web, as an industry, carefully upgrading it, giving it power and features that it begs for like easy vector graphics, beautiful text editing, an include tag. But Microsoft, like Apple and Netscape before them, are in denial on their proper role re the Web. They're bigger and more successful so it's taking them longer to fall, but fall they will, until they stop trying to control where the Web goes. And the W3C is just as clueless as Microsoft and the other Big's. They stomp their feet, hard, about adherence to their edicts, but they have no vision for the future of the Web, or any respect for the people who use it. 

I admit to being jealous that Dan Gillmor is going to the World Economic Forum meeting in NY and I'm not. It's a BigCo, BigPub, BigGov thing. A couple of years ago my rabbi snuck me in. I had a white badge and the time of my life. I probably shouldn't have written about Klaus Schwab's agzend. Anyway we'll look forward to Dan and Lance's reports. Maybe I'll go to NY and write about it from the protestor's pov? Heh.  

Last night we released a series of changes that address most of the problems that non-English writers have been having using accented characters in their Radio websites. 

Manila now supports publish-and-subscribe for RSS feeds. 

Our theme website has a new look and lots of new themes. It's dual-purpose, with themes for both Manila and Radio. 

On this day in 1998: "I only knew my uncle Sam as a child. He was a distant man, very dark, but when I was a kid, we were friends. He showed me how to cook. He painted for me. I think he liked me." 


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