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Skipping Dot Net: Open Source Databases Linkfest

Weblogs.Com crossed the 500-site level today at 3:26PM. 

Just got an email from Lance Knobel inside the barricades at the WEF meeting in NY. He's going to start blogging it soon. Lance and Dan Gillmor are our eyes and ears this year.  

My project for this evening is called DIY Web Services. No fuss no muss. Leap in front of Microsoft, IBM and all their flacks. Make history. Write your own Web Service. Lose your mind. Actually become a Web Service. You'll see it'll make your mind go crazy.  

The music I've chosen for this programming work is Der Kommisar. "Dreh dich nicht um - oh, oh, oh Der Kommissar geht um - oh, oh, oh Er wird dich anschauen, und du weisst warum Die Lebenslust bringt dich um." 

David Davies updated his picture gallery script. 

Scott Loftesness: "Poor AOL!" 

Paul Boutin is the proud owner of Trustworthy Computing

HBS: Read All About It! Newspapers Lose Web War

News.Com: "What do you get when you cross a colonoscopy with a cockatiel? The same thing you get when you cross a cartographer with a hairball -- a Googlewhack." 

Branscum: "The remarkable thing about journalists is that we donít have to be paid off in order to ignore, or miss, wrongdoing." 

We had an outage on one of our static servers for a couple of hours this morning. It cleared at about noon. Praise Murphy it looks like everything's okay. 

A picture named papadoc.gifDoc: "I walked around with a cordless phone on my head from 10am to 1pm today. Most of that time all I heard was Music on Hold, interrupted by messages urging me to solve my problems by sending an email to the very same people who weren't answering the phone ó over a Net connection that isn't working, or I wouldn't be on hold waiting to talk to somebody about it." Been there. 

A picture named rumouth.gifNewsIsFree: "As of today, all the RSS feeds generated by NewsIsFree will only contain the new elements found the last time the source was scraped." 

PowerDNS is a "database backed name server with a nice XML-RPC API on top of it." 

Patrick Lioi: "I recently developed a line-locking source control application for an independent study project in Java and XML. After struggling with communication between the client and server, I found out about XML-RPC and fixed all my problems over a weekend." 

Ralph Hempel: "Unfortunately, the idea won't work for real software development." 

A picture named dubya.gifMotley Fool: ".NET will make writing network-aware applications in Visual Basic easier. This makes thousands of corporate VB developers excited. Pretty much no one else who pays attention to the technology instead of the marketing seems to care at all." 

Linus Torvalds: "In short, send patches to maintainers that you know I trust," he said. "If you cannot find a person to be a proponent of your patch, you should ask yourself if the patch might have some problem." 

A Python script that pings Weblogs.Com. 

Dan Gillmor: "The police presence is simply overwhelming." 

NY Times editorial: "Davos Men and Women should be able to convene in New York to plan their new world, while ordinary men and women freely and peacefully gather to protest the meeting." 

George Scriban: "It's interesting to watch the two different approaches being taken by Sun and Microsoft as they introduce their web services initiatives." 

On this day four years ago, Frontier 5 shipped. It was the first cross-platform Frontier, with versions for Windows and Mac. Around that time, Emmanuel Décarie put together the Frontier Newbie Toolbox, which could be a useful resource for today's Radio newbies. 

OS Opinion: Apple Doesn't Need Zealots

Saying goodbye can be a relief sometimes.  

Postscript: The nasty site crossed a new boundary today, and we cut the cord. It wasn't my decision solely, everyone at UserLand agreed. It's time to say goodbye. Enough is enough.  

Grrrr. Wiener boys. Boo! 


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