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Permanent link to archive for Saturday, February 02, 2002. Saturday, February 02, 2002

Phil Ackley: "I just realized what Radio needs: A 'Holy Shit! Terrorists!' button." 

Keith Ballinger, one of Microsoft's SOAP architects, has a weblog too. Welcome! 

Multi-tasking. "A list of five of my favorite weblogs, every time I update the page you'll see a different list. This is one of the examples in the DIY Web Services tutorial I'm working on." 

Work continues with Robert Occhialini moving his Blogger content to Radio. It's tricky, Blogger looks like it can create XML output from the contents of the database, but unless we're missing something, it doesn't encode left angle brackets and ampersands, two characters that appear frequently in blog posts. If that's true, there's no way to generate XML. So we're falling back, and just producing a format that can be easily processed by string pattern matching. Yes, it kind of looks like XML, but to be clear, it isn't. Note to Robert, don't worry about the format of the date. Use the date format that Blogger produces. 

A bunch of tweaks for the Radio Spam-free MailTo feature. 

A post here was deleted because someone did the thing I praised everyone for not doing. Live and learn. Again and again. Oy. 

Bangor Daily News: "The diversion is over and its time for everyone to get back to work. 

Garret: "What kind of trouble can I get into today?" 

Powazek: "The universe is always listening." 

Alan Reiter: "I think I just read someone's Weblog about how a large number of bloggers are cat lovers." 

SJL: "It's one of those special days: 02/02/02." 

Shane McChesney: "I'm just a geek who likes to watch his car's odometer roll over on the thousands." 

Adam Curry: "Lang leve het bruidspaar!" 

Last year on this day our SOAP 1.1 Validator launched. This sparked movement to interop in SOAP-land. 

Dan Gillmor: "Each of us has been asked to nominate some technology or agent of change. I'm suggesting the combination of sensing with computation, creating machines that will observe and interact with the people and things around them." Dan, that's the wrong answer. It's people, not machines. Oy. Machines make people more powerful. Don't expect machines to become people. What a looney toons notion. Dan, tell them about amateur publishing and weblogs. Lance go have a talk with Dan, he needs a reminder. 

On this day in 1998, I posted comments on Eric Raymond's Cathedral and Bazaar. It's an interesting read today, given what's happened in the last four years.  

6/11/00: "BTW, the term Gustatory Tour is old. My uncle and I, in our younger days, dreamed of hiring servants to cart us around NYC in wheel-barrows, from restaurant to restaurant, our bodies sloshing over the edges, loud belches emitting from our mouths, singing drunken songs of pleasure, and plotting the next stop on The Tour." 

SOAP interop and the Web 

Yes Sam, some of what I said yesterday was condescending. On a mail list I would have been flamed to a crisp for saying that. The beauty of the Web as a medium for learning and discourse is that I can keep going, and so can you and everyone else.

On the other hand, some of your lectures to me have missed the mark and hurt my feelings, just a little, but what the heck, I'm a big boy and we have bigger fish to fry.

We agree that interop is a big deal. Hope you didn't miss the big interop event that happened yesterday! Interop on developer mail lists is nice, a step in the right direction, but where it matters is when users try to get our products to work, and they do.

Read Mark's comments, and take them to heart. This is where interop matters. An adventurous developer decides to get two apps working together. He learns a lot, and shares it. Read the last paragraph of his report for an eye-opener.

And Sam, watch for a "You're Soaking In It" experience later today, Murphy-willing.

Our old DG 

We had a meeting with a BigPub yesterday, and one last week. At both meetings we comiserated about the impossibility of running a discussion group for people who read our sites.

Yesterday I did some repair work to get the archives of our old discussion group back online and just spent an hour or so trawling through the messages. There were some great posts. The vast majority are easy to read, not complaints, not accusations, just sharing an idea or experience, a tip, an observation, asking for help, answering a question, helping someone out, or thanking someone for their help.

Our experience mirrors that of the Big's. In any open DG, eventually the few shout down the many. All I wanted to say about this is what a shame. The few even get to rewrite history, they shout so much, point the finger so aggressively -- I totally forgot what a cool place our discussion group was.


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