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The Washington Post reviews Radio 8. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Nice review! Thanks.. 

Michael Fraase: "That CD you just bought? It might not be a CD at all according to Philips, the Dutch company that specifies just what, exactly, is and is not an audio compact disc." Reads like an intro to a 60 Minutes segment. 

A picture named kicker.gifDon't you love it when the underdog wins? What a great game. Congrats to all our friends in the Boston area, SuperBowl champions, all the way! 

Seth Dillingham: "Next thing you know, the Curse of the Bambino will be lifted so that the Red Sox can win a pennant." It'll never happen. 

Skywave is a great Radio blog, I didn't know until today it was edited by a famous blogman. For 10 points, guess who? 

This morning I finished the Web Services tutorial. A few friends are testing it. I'll link to it tomorrow, and probably run the first DaveNet since Radio 8 shipped. In the meantime if you poke around you can probably find it.  

Kevin Malm is blogging the SuperBowl commercials. Now I've seen everything.  

Wes: "I think evolution is over, because natural selection is over. Virtually everyone stays alive. I'm not complaining." 

Gregor: "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to die!" 

Dan Lyke is implementing the Blogger API for Flutterby. 

Jake: "Then, 12 bars later, say I start adding extensions and leading-tones. I build the excitement in my own little part of the whole performance, and the audience, while they might not understand what's going on, hears that the tension is building. The other people I'm playing with have three choices again -- the same ones they had before: a) deny it, b) reluctantly go along with it, or c) support and build on the foundation." 

A picture named holdup.gifThanks to Dane Carlson for the link to this PC World interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. Interesting read. I think Google is coming to the desktop. When I first read that interview a few days ago I thought Schmidt as much as said so. But on a re-read I realize he didn't. I still see Google-On-The-Desktop coming soon. An easy to install HTTP server that communicates with the mother ship via XML and can search the local area network as effectively as the whole Internet. $40 per year. They'll make a boatload of money. IPO.  


Today we're doing a transition with the Heroes & Villains weblog. It's a great site with a huge community, running in Manila. It started when we were offering open free hosting, and quickly came to top the charts. It's one of the highest flow sites on our servers, with a very large database, it grew to consume much of the resources of the machine it's running on, which in addition to hosting several hundred free Manila sites, also performs mission-critical functions for UserLand.

Over a year ago we decided to transition out of the free hosting business, and made that decision public. Sites that consume small amounts of bandwidth and have small DGs are of little concern. But H&V is in a class with only two other sites, MattyG's and Disturbing Search Requests. We've also decided to stop hosting MattyG. We sent an email to Matty, but it bounced. We also posted a note on the site's discussion group, and now of course I'm talking about it here on Scripting News. This is the best we can do.

We will continue to host Disturbing Search Requests, for the forseeable future, Murphy-willing; and all other free UserLand-hosted Manila sites. We're considering whether we want to continue hosting Editors Only sites, there are a quite a few, but for the time-being we're not doing anything there.

A final note, thanks to Steve Hooker for helping make the H&V transition smooth. It's a pleasure working with him, we look forward to doing more of that in the future. Thanks!


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