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Mind bomb: DIY Web Services with Radio 8. "Come with me on a little trip, and at the end not only will you know what Web Services are, you will have written a couple, and even better your mind will be exploding with new ideas of what Web Services can do for all of us to build a better Internet. 

BTW, I rigged the example so that bloggers who got this working would say hello to me on their blogs. Heh. 

Simon Fell: "As Dave points out Radio supports both XML-RPC and SOAP, but unfortunately fails to tell you enough to actually make a SOAP call." True. I left a bunch of loose ends. We're working on making it even simpler. Should have more by the end of the week, maybe sooner.  

Jon Udell: "Dave's premise, and mine too, is that the Web has been in a state of arrested development since shortly after its birth. It was meant, from the start, to be a two-way collaborative writing environment, not a one-way publisher-to-reader environment." 

Milestone, we got Robert Occhialini's Blogger site converted to Radio. Still more testing to do. Sorry about what I said yesterday about Blogger and XML, with Aaron Cope's help we figured out how it works. Still learning. It's an all-XML solution. Easy. We're going to do a howto probably tomorrow. 

The Utah Red Cross is a Manila site. "Only 4 more days until opening ceremonies." 

Phil Ackley: "I forgot. You guys tune in because I'm mildly amusing, not because you give a damn about my politics. Sorry. I'll be funny now." 

Charles Miller wants to develop web apps in Radio, but can't find the docs. We have to do much better at laying this stuff out. The docs are there, but not well organized. BTW, I would use Google to search whenever possible.  

A picture named bliig.gifNY Times: "At the world's premier chip design conference, which begins here today, the spotlight will be on blinding computer speed. That emphasis suggests that the trajectory of desktop PC performance increases of the last two years will not slow in the near future, but actually accelerate." Yes! 

Great stuff this morning on Davos Newbies. 

Great stuff this evening from David Davies. 

Daniel Berlinger: "Archipelago is a XML-RPC based editor for Manila web sites." 

O'Reilly: Miguel on Mono

A hearty Right On to Cory Doctorow for his Sunday rant from a guy who's been accused by some of the best flamers out there of having too much time "on his hands."  

Doc: "People ask me how I find time to blog." 

Delacour: "A few years ago I was involved in the Electric Minds adventure, an online community that eventually imploded. Everyone has a theory about why that happened but I believe a community without tangible goals frequently degenerates into a talkfest or flamewar." 

Wireless Week: Got Your Wireless Blog Yet? 

Gary Secondino: The Underdogs Have Their Day

Renzo Riga: "The Boston Globe didn't update their page all night. Talk about missed opportunities and not knowing how to capitalize on new media." 

Megnut can't believe the Patriots won. 

Steve Pilgrim, quoting Radio: "Macro error: Can't get the address of methodResponse because the table doesn't have an object with that name." 

I did an e-interview with E-week, it's not a stunning article if you read Scripting News. (Warning before you click on that link. There's an ad on that page with an audio track. Ouch.) Anyway, it's true we're going for simplicity. See today's MB

Superbowl commercials 

On last night's Superbowl, lots of commercials. That's cool. Some years the commercials are the only thing that's interesting. Not this year of course, the Patriots played with spirit and won. That made it worth watching, even if there were no commercials.

One series of commercials are worth noting. I believe they were run by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. They linked drug use to terrorism. The premise is that terrorist organizations are funded by selling drugs which make their way to the US. So when you buy illegal drugs, you may be funding terrorism. They were careful to say "may" not "are."

What's coming next. A link between abortion and terrorism? A link between voting Democratic and terrorism? A link between being black or jewish and terrorism?

David Kurtz wrote a fantastic essay about the commercials.

John Robb: "We support terrorism more through the purchase of oil than drugs."

Funny. One of my old DaveNets is in the first page of a Google search for "superbowl commercials."


A while ago I wrote down two rules about integrity in public writing. It doesn't matter whether you're a pro or amateur. I think these two rules are necessary and sufficient.

1. Disclose all pertinent information about your interests.

2. Never state as fact something you know not to be true.

There's a lot of casual use of the term integrity, but to me, this is what it's about. I'm comfortable that my readers know that I'm a software developer and CEO of a company. That I write publicly is my small contribution to what I see as a revolution in business. And if you ever catch me saying something that you believe is untrue, it's only an integrity issue if, when I said it, I knew that it was not true.

From time to time I have to restate these rules to help everyone get back on track. The sites I link to in my blogrolling list (to the left) all, imho, have integrity. I think I know who's writing, and believe they would never knowingly mislead. But they're human, they make mistakes, they have lives (and interests), and most important, they have integrity.

I added these notes to my What is Scripting News page.

Postscript: Integrity is only one of the criteria I use for my blogroll. Mostly it's random, sites I think of this way. "I find that site useful, I'd recommend it to others." I actually have to think of it. It's also a way for me to reciprocate. If a site gave a few good links that I used on SN, I like to pay that back by including them in my list. There are thousands of worthy sites that aren't in my blogroll. Some people want this reassurance. BTW, disclaimer, I'm not a god, or the final arbiter of goodness.

One more postscript, to my anonymous detractors. Decloak. Say who you are. You can't possibly speak with any integrity if you don't use your real names, and tell readers something about yourselves.


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