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News.Com: Giants forging Web services consortium

InfoWorld: IBM, Microsoft, BEA partner on Web services

A picture named southcarolina.gifA preview of what's coming in 8.0.4 re Web Services. On Monday we got the server side really simple, in the DIY tutorial. This highlighted the client side, which was a lot more complicated than I liked. We had a design for making it simple, in 1998, but with all kinds of other stuff on our plate, we just got around to implementing the new simple way of doing cross-network scripting yesterday. Tonight it works. Until now Python had us (and everyone else) beat -- they had the simplest way to call remote procedures. Now we match them, and I think our way is better, but they're awfully close. Thanks to the Python community for keeping the fire under our butt. In the new way, this is what a call looks like:

[url].examples.getStateName (40)

url is a string, xmlrpc:// 

Sjoerd Visscher is operating an RSS cloud from his desktop. If you go to his site and click on his XML Coffee Mug, and if you're a full peer, his machine will notify your copy of Radio when he's updated. Leading edge stuff. Thanks Sjoerd. 

Note to Phil Ackley, this is the Holy Shit Terrorists! feature you asked for. If all RSS feeds worked this way your News Aggregator would never have to scan. You'd be notified instantly of breaking news. Steve Pilgrim is having trouble parsing this. That's how all mind bombs work. Your brain refuses to accept it. That's a defensive thing. It's good, it's what keeps you alive. But these are the friendly kind of mind bombs, they only hurt because they're so twisted. 

The industry response to yesterday's DaveNet, which I didn't link to from Scripting News (too much other stuff going on), was pretty awesome. Lots of rushed meetings being set up. It seems people are surprised that we're doing Web Services. I don't know why, I've been broadcasting it for years. Still happy for all the attention. Radio is a charming product. Never seen anything like it.  

More Mac OS X tips from Ken Bereskin. 

Richard Stallman wonders what Miguel de Icaza is up to too. 

9/9/00: "The killer app of P2P is.." 

Garret: "Did you hear about the Buddhist who refused novocaine while having a root canal performed?" 

Wired: "A Taiwanese website is selling streams of new and classic Hollywood movies for $1." 

Daniel Berlinger: A Busy Developer's Guide to Manila-RPC

Last night we released a bunch of new stuff for Radio categories. The links on the desktop website home page go right to the editor for the category, there's a link for creating a new category, and here's the really sweet one, you can apply a theme to the HTML rendering of a category.  

Adam Curry envisions a distributed calendar protocol, built on Web Services, free of Microsoft and Miguel. D.I.Y. 

Aaron Cope sends a pointer to ReefKnot, a "Perl toolkit for iCalendar/RFC2445 compliant calendaring." 

I wrote an Ode to Miguel one year ago today. "SOAP celebrates diversity. CLR wants to be the universal scripting environment. CLR and its tools will define what it means to be a Microsoft developer. Sun has the same philosophy. Both want to capture, hold and define developers. The Internet offered us freedom. I'd rather be an Internet developer." 

On this day in 1999 we released Mail To The Future. Yes Virginia, it has an XML-RPC interface. (Maybe SOAP too, I forget.) 

John Dvorak: The Blog Phenomenon

Kevin Altis: "wxPython is a cross-platform GUI toolkit for Python." 

Mozilla 0.9.8 Release Notes. 

At the bottom of Dan Gillmor's last post from NY is this ominous paragraph: "When I get back to California, I will be learning how to post my weblog in a new format. Our internal software platform is changing, and the format you see here will not be preserved. It may get messy for a few days or even weeks, for which I apologize in advance." I feel sad for Dan! Why do they make him do that. He's a writer. Dan should be using the best tools. Since when is the SJ Merc a software developer? I shudder to think of the linkrot. Last time they did a transition at the Merc, all external links broke. Yow. Are we going to deal with that again? 

Lawrence found the new version of Dan's weblog


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