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As a way of saying thanks to Radio 8 early adopters, we've increased the per-user allocation on the community server from 10MB to 20MB. That should give everyone some breathing room. And thanks from everyone at UserLand to the incredible Radio 8 community. What an inspiration! 

Note: This upgrade is for everyone who's using Radio 8. Also, to get your Cloud Status box to reflect the 20MB allocation, update Radio.root. We had to fix a bug in the way the capabilities flow to workstations. 

Garth Kidd: "If adding a protocol to the new SCNS syntax is as easy as dropping a new verb in user.protocols.." It is. 

Radio-Dadio: "If this message appears in my blog, then it worked!" 

Wired: "Imagine if one company held the right to collect a fee each time an Internet user clicked on a website link and jumped to another Web page." 

Rob Fahrni did a Visio rendering of my Two Views of Scripting in 2005. What's remarkable is that Visio is a Microsoft product, and Rob works for Microsoft. This has always been one of the cool things about MS, a kind of Ballmeresque BOGU, it makes Visio look good, and it makes Microsoft look good (!) because they don't mind criticism, and they won't miss an opportunity to show off their products. 

Mark Pilgrim brings the philosophy of DIY to Web Services in Python. This is going to catch on as smart hard-working scripters figure out that there's no magic to Web Services, and you don't need a BigCo to hold your hand. 

Paul Boutin: "It's FlashTrack, the latest in a line of 'scumware' programs unsuspecting surfers are being tricked into installing on their PCs." 

Patrick Logan comments on Don Box's article which I pointed to yesterday. Don makes a case that's pretty thin. My enviornment checks parameters. If a procedure requires 3 parameters and I pass 4 or 2, that's an error. The program stops execution with an Error Info window and a pointer to the offending line with a stack crawl. Scripting environments have come a long way since their humble beginnings. Don's piece is a perfect demo of the arrogance of C programmers. It's a retro kind of arrogance because scripting is here to stay, unless they repeal Moore's Law. I'm going to have to kick Don's butt (in a friendly way) next time I see him.  

Disclaimer: I'm a C programmer. 

McCusker: "Patrick's right and Don's wrong." 

Look twice at this column on Networld Fusion. Hey it's a weblog, and it's a Radio weblog. Nice. He wants titles on weblog posts. That's on the list of course. Keep em coming! 

Garth Kidd says he would give a kidney to know who's subscribing to his RSS feed. I don't need a kidney, thankfully (I have a friend who does, no kidding) but last night I wrote the code to accumulate this information. The hard part is the user interface. I'll work a little on that this morning. 

DHRB: "I heard about a new protocol named XRPC." 

A picture named katie.gifFunny coincidence. Last year on this day Sun was taking cheap shots at a very nice cross-network protocol that we love very much. And I noticed that Don said, yet again, that everyone agrees that SOAP is the only choice. "By the end of 2001, everyone in the emerging Web service industry had converged on SOAP." Hey Don, click on the pic of Katie Couric to see what I think about that.  

This site will be #1 on Daypop very shortly I'm sure. 

Then again there's always TubCat.  


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