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DaveNet: Google is decentralizing

A picture named hello.gifI love reading Steve Pilgrim's site. It's a reminder that the geekish things I do and say here can be intimidating to people who just want to use our software. I wish this weren't so. The geekish stuff will eventually settle in to features, some later this year, some next year, and some are blind alleys that will never turn into features. And while I love the geekish energy that's accumulating around Radio, my top level goal as stated on the home page for UserLand is to Turn the Web into a Fantastic Writing Environment. So everything must make sense in that context. 

I tried, best I can, to answer Steve's questions

John Robb expands on my answers. 

Tim Jarrett: Confessions of a referral junkie

Jon Udell: "A Web services architecture, which is currently still the exception, will rapidly become the norm." 

I just saw a really cool feature on Boing Boing -- they have a thing called The Guest Bar, "a tiny guest-edited blog." Once a long time ago I echoed Tomalak's Realm in the right margin of Scripting News. Now I really like this idea and have just the spot for it. I wonder how they decide who to give the space to? 

Seth Dillingham notes a double meaning in the name of this site. "I still need a holiday." Me too. 

Yesterday's RFC is today's feature

Sylvain: "J'ai eu 4 offres pour une license de Radio en échange d'un redesign CSS." 

An ominous silence at Evhead. Last post was on Wednesday. What's he up to?  

Lots of people want to work with Radio and Filemaker. Luckily, a lot of work was done to make Frontier work with Filemaker, and that should apply to Radio as well. 

Dan Gillmor is blogging the Demo conference. 

A picture named redlight.gifPatrick Lioi: "Following the approach, they could expose a sort of ping mechanism so that every time you update your site, Google is notified of a change and can instantly crawl and index the changes." 

Kevin Altis: "It is difficult to manually read a WSDL description of a SOAP web service and figure out which parts you need for your programming language and SOAP library of choice." 

Russ Lipton: "So what the heck is it?" 

Joe Gregorio: "Finally, a table-free layout for my Radio blog!" 

How Scripting News works 

First, check out this DaveNet, written on this day in 1999.

2/11/99: "It was a seed-drop, an egg that could beget a chicken, if only there were a rooster to do the deed."

I was writing about syndication, our first steps in that direction, in late 1997, and how they were bearing first fruit in the winter of 1999. Now, in 2002, syndicated XML from amateur journalists is common, not mainstream yet, but soon it will be. That's the process of Scripting News. The stuff that appears here, written by me, UserLand, and sites I link to, are new ideas with potential that may not be realized (commercialized) for several years, if ever.

But it's interesting in another way, even the ideas that don't bear fruit. The mind of the engineer is interesting. Until the Web came along it was hard to tap into the story. The best engineers are good story tellers and good cooks and they take risks.

Also in February 1999, at the same time we were working with syndicated XML, we were also experimenting with browser-based editing of weblogs. Here's a screen shot. In that pic you can see the humble beginnings of Manila, and then Radio. Almost three years ago.

Cam, Delacour, Bryan, Netscape 4, Zeldman 

After Cam's excellent rant yesterday, Jonathon Delacour decided to help out his readers with old eyes (me!) and converted his site template to black-on-white, which is like a breath of fresh air for me. I like Cam's rants because they're pure and moralistic, and because it says something that I like about me. My body chemistry is only mildly tweaked by his Dave-deprecating way of saying things. Fact is I have very little to do with the templates in Radio or Manila. I am a writer and programmer, not an HTML designer. In matters of design I defer to Bryan Bell, who in my opinion is one of the heroes of the content management revolution. I get a beautiful looking site that renders slowly in Netscape 4 (disclaimed) but like Zeldman, I believe it's time to move into the future. I get compliments all the time from strangers who see this site and say how beautiful it is. And the design is over a year old. That should give you an idea of how leading edge Bryan is.


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