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Michael Kinsley: "I didn't do what I intended to do, which was to prove that the economy of the Internet made it possible for this kind of journalism to be self-supporting. I am sort of like Moses leading people to the edge of the Promised Land, but not all the way there." Honest. 

A note of congratulations to Microsoft and best wishes for a successful launch of Visual Studio .NET, tomorrow. We look forward to many years of happy interop. 

Up in Redmond they're asking if hell froze over too.  

Nah it's just springtime and love is in the air. Two sure signs. One, the perfume smell is everywhere. Two, the frogs are making a racket. I can hear them right now as I write this, indoors. No doubt there are still a few frosts to come, and probably a couple more big storms, but it's unmistakeable, the California winter is almost over. 

BTW, people are buzzing about Six Degrees. I look forward to trying it. Now a little-known fact -- it's done with XML-RPC. How about that. A desktop app that uses XML-RPC. Just like Radio. I bet the two programs will even work together. In incredible ways.  

Bill Bumgarner has been doing some kickass stuff for Radio on Mac OS X. "Now I can post to Radio from any application that has Services. I can take advantage of the spell/grammar checker in Word. Use Project Builder's code formatter. Edit Tables and other HTML markup via WebObjects Builder. Easily post the output of a command in the terminal." 

Jason Gillman calls this a "Major Breakthrough!" Screen shot for us Mac-deprived people. 

Ken Bereskin, the blogging Apple exec, gives his seal of approval. Ken, isn't it fantastic that there are such creative developers working to make our products work better together. It doesn't get any better than this! 

Le Devoir: "Si après avoir expérimenté avec quelque temps avec Blogger, vous vous apercevez que ses fonctions sont limitées pour vos besoins, vous voici prêt alors à faire le saut vers Radio, l'application de blogue la plus puissante actuellement." 

Yo. Michael Swaine has a Radio weblog. Welcome! 

Torture. Sorta.  

Reading Dan Gillmor rant about crashes on Mac OS X and problems with the wireless LAN at Demo cause a pause. It's the usual Gillmor fare, but it's one thing for software to crash because of a bug, that's bad for sure, but it's even worse when they deliberately crash the software. Where is Dan's outrage about the broken archives? Does he sympathize more with his employer or his readers? Could he criticize Knight-Ridder if they deserved it? 

Andy Sylvester continues to kick butt with the Radio 8 users directory. The spirit of DIY. 

A picture named kottke.gifJason Kottke wants to build a taxonomy presumably for his website. I posted a comment saying basically Use An Outliner. In a perfect world I could create a connection betw Jason and Andy Sylvester (see above) and Andy would transfer all he's learned about taxonomy to Jason.  

Victor Ruiz writes: "On March 2nd, the 'I Quedada Bitacoril Hispana' will be held in Madrid. It's a webloggers meeting. I wish I could be there. I bet Spain is warmer than California. 

Sjoerd: "Changing the buttons from table cells to divs don't suddenly make them more meaningful." 

A picture named lessighead.gifHal Plotkin: "Within a few months, artists, writers and others will soon be able to go online, select the options that suit them best and receive a custom-made license they can append to their works without having to pay a dime to a lawyer, let alone the thousands of dollars it typically costs to purchase similar legal services." 

Wired: "It may be a long time before British Telecom knows whether it lucked out or lost big in the legal sweepstakes. But even if it wins its court battle, experts said the British telephone company has already lost the war." 

A picture named powazek.gifHere's a chance for some cross-community barn-raising and goodwill-creating. Derek Powazek wants to webcast his Fray Cafe from Austin. Wes Felter asks the question, so I pass it on to Wes, who can work out the system requirements with ease and grace, and maybe some generous soul in Austin with a great net connection can help out Derek. Tell them Scripting News sent you 

We're lucky to have Jonathon Delacour using Radio 8. He's unstoppable. Yesterday he spent all day working with others on his templates. According to Delacour, you can definitely do a table-less CSS type weblog with Radio 8. He says he's not a designer or a CSS hacker (I guess he is now).  

A picture named barnraising.gifChecking in with Steve Pilgrim, he says "A hearty thanks to everyone for their positive remarks!" That's the thing a lot of people don't get, or don't like. We try to help each other in this community. That's the cool thing about the Web, not just the Radio community. It's like a barn raising. Everyone can help. Steve helps me by asking questions that reveal his intelligence and confusion with my work. No problem. We can relate as two intelligent people, even though I know a few things that he doesn't, I'm sure the opposite is true too. Once Steve is comfortable with Radio, I'm sure he'll share what he knows. That's when I get my payoff, when I start learning new things from someone I've gotten to know as a user of my software. I've been here before, with outliner users in the 80s. Boy those were some smart, generous cool people. I want more smart people. I'm greedy about intelligence.  

A couple of things about CamWorld from the critics section. 1. Permalinks. Each item should have a URL of its own. This is basic practice for weblogs in 2002. 2. While the design was beautiful and innovative when it started in 1998, today it's kind of stale and uninteresting. With all due respect, an HTML newbies' first Radio 8 site looks prettier than CamWorld. Once they learn about themes, it's all over. Cam it's time for a redesign at CamWorld to show us your ideas on the state of the art in Web design in 2002. The current design has fallen behind, imho. 


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