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Open your minds for another bomb. David Brown is using Radio as a Python IDE. Yah. Aha. 

JOHO sets Pirillo straight. "If you criticize me, I will revise my post so that yours looks stupid." 

Hey I had lunch with Doc today on his way back to Southern California. I promised that by the time he got home I would have the name of the founder of Creative Computing magazine. Within minutes I got several responses. David Singer was first. The correct answer is David Ahl. Thanks. Close call! 

More data for Doc. There was a book edited by Ahl called The Best of Creative Computing. So, how did we come around to this topic? We were wondering if CC were to start up today, and it were on the Web, what would it look like. How did I get interested in this in the first place? A phone conversation this morning with Jon Udell, about BYTE. What value is there in the name? A lot to a graybeard like me (and Doc and Jon). BYTE and CC were great in their day. Weblogs look like they're going into the same space. What can we learn from them? How can we do it better with the shorter turnarounds, and a less expensive publishing process of the Web. 

It gets even weirder. David Gewirtz who worked for me at Living Videotext, worked for David Ahl at CC. 

A picture named schmidt.gifGlenn Fleishman has a great summary of the Google Appliance product. After it sinks in for a bit, I'm not so impressed as I was. The product I wanted was a desktop Google for $20-$99 per year. I'm still reading tea leaves. Google started as The People's Search Engine, but they were funded by the same VC that funded Netscape, so it's reasonable to expect that they'll get lost in the same way Netscape did. (I hope not, we need Google.) Eric Schmidt, their new CEO, is a total Silicon Valley insider, ex-of-Sun, so his natural first step is to drive Google into the same market that Sun is in, The Enterprise, which is what the $25-250K appliance is designed for. That's a front-door sell, and of course Google can do that, because they are so credible in search. But what if they had chosen the back-door instead? (Follow-up.) 

Aaron Gillette is connecting Radio and Zope. 

Russ Lipton: What is a template? 

Ivan Ristic: "I have created a really cool script that instantly creates an XML-RPC server from any existing PHP class!" 

This evening I'm reviewing the Weblogs.Com code, line by line, and the error messages are cracking me up. Try this one out, remember this is software talking. "Thanks for the ping. But the name of your weblog looks (to us only, no criticism intended) like a URL. However foolishly, we think of this as an error."  

Cydney Gillis covers the VS.NET rollout. "The San Francisco event was one of more than 150 that Microsoft will stage around the world in the next 60 days in a $20 million launch, the company's biggest ever for a software development tool." 

A picture named udell.gifJon Udell offers a tale of woe after trying to get VS.NET to interop with Mind Electric's GLUE. "I switched the GLUE sample service from returning a string to returning a java.util.Hashtable. GLUE itself was perfectly happy to consume that complex return value, but VS.NET had no clue what to do with it." 

Notes on yesterday's CSS discussion. Net-net, I don't pray in the same church as many other people do. More power to you, let's try to work together anyway. We will provide a CSS-based theme for Radio and Manila, so our users have choice. We will also start a mail list for designers working in our software, so they can give us advice and we can help them be successful, and vice versa. 

Cmdr Taco: "Will you marry me?" 

2/14/97: "Bucha is short for Bucharest, the capital city of Romania, a small brutal country in eastern Europe. It was before the revolution, while Ceausescu was still running the country. Either we were going to do business in Boca or we were going to be taking the red-eye to Bucharest. It was all or nothing!" 


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