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A picture named pearl.gifA friend called this afternoon to talk about the death of Daniel Pearl, the WSJ reporter who was taken hostage in Pakistan. In this space we often make much of the power of amateur journalism, it's also important to note that sometimes the pros pay for their ideals with their lives. Let's take a moment this evening to reflect and give gratitude to Pearl and his family, for their sacrifices. 

Wired: "In a stunning turnaround, a district court judge ruled Friday that the five major record labels must prove they own thousands of music copyrights. And prove those copyrights weren't used to monopolize and stifle the distribution of digital music." 

A picture of Sarah Hughes.Mary Wehmeier has more great coverage of figure skating at the Olympics. 

Earlier today I downloaded and installed Music City from Morpheus. John Robb has been telling me about them. Over 60 million users. Bigger than Napster at its peak. We're going to learn more about what they're doing, what protocols they use, perhaps find a way to connect up with our software. 

We got a nice mention on TechTV's ScreenSavers show, and there are lots of new Radio 8 users tonight. 

Shane McChesney: "I agree wholeheartedly with Miguel." 

Arthur O Sulzberger: "While Internet traffic goes up, people still love newspapers." 

Matt Bridges: "XML is the holy grail in separation of style from content." 

Oliver Wrede: "This simple Plug-In installs XML-RPC handlers to post news items to a Manila site and retrieve a department list of that site." 

Macrobyte: "Formz is a set of UserTalk scripts for creating, managing, and rendering HTML forms." 

I'll be offline till about 3PM today. Going to move some servers around. Should be fun.  

Morning coffee notes 

No coffee yet. The first thing pre-coffee notes are becoming a tradtition. First story of the day. I go to Zeldman, find a new List Apart article that's going to teach us how to write a weblog. Click on the link. Read the first screen. There's no scrollbar. The article is in some kind of a frame. I can't figure out for the life of me how to get past the first screen. I'm using IE6 on Windows. Helllp. I need help. (Screen shot.)

Postscript: It's a known bug in IE6. One reader said "Dave you're going to love this." I suppose in a way I do feel vindicated. It's always bothered me that the standards crowd is depending on the good intentions of Microsoft. It's also bothered me that they're so willing to kick MS's competitors in the butt. If I were Omni I'd be pretty pissed off. Yesterday Robert Occhialini said we need another browser that we can love, not just Microsoft's. Ideally we should be able to love a dozen browsers. Not that that would ever get MS to love the Web, I don't think it's in their genes.

Hey, I was able to read the article by viewing source. Not a pretty sight, but it works. Most of what Mahoney says is OK, but a tiny bit of pushback. Saying someone is an amateur doesn't mean they're inexperienced or the work is low quality. It simply means they don't do it for pay. A long time ago Olympic atheletes had to be amateurs. It was considered a higher calling, people who do something just to be excellent, not to make money. Pros inherit conflicts of interest from the people who pay them.

Oy people might think I don't like Zeldman, but I do I do. Today he points to this article on the state of validation among the W3C members. A demonstrable fact, most of their sites don't validate. Given this fact you could come to a conclusion about the intentions of the members of the W3C. Or, you could come to a different conclusion. For 10 points, give me an alternate theory on why these sites don't validate.

One year ago today. "People stare at me in disbelief when I say that there will be lots of Dot-Nets."

An easy request 

I ask that no one flame anyone else in my name.

I don't like being flamed. I've been the target of coordinated flaming in the past, it's humiliating, frustrating, enervating, unfair, etc etc.

If I've inspired zealotry I've failed. I hope to be part of a network of thinkers and do-ers, not people who complain powerlessly at people who have only asked questions and said what they think.

It's anti-Web imho to use email to try to manipulate people into speaking for you. The Web is open to your opinion too, but you are not helping the Web if you try to shut other people up.


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